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EUPHW 2020
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European Public Health WEEK

11-15 May 2020

Joining forces for healthier populations


Wednesday 13 May - Staying together for mental health

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If you wish to see the key messages or learn more about this topic, visit the Wednesday theme page.

Online only

  HW28 - Campaign Results Discussion - Students for Local Communities (Bulgarian)

  HW31 - ÖGPH Spring Conference (German and English)

  HW34 - Helping police assess mental illness (English)

  HW36 - Attention deficit in hyperactivity disorder in children (Bulgarian)

  HW40 - Fear as a common human response to encountering an unknown disease (Bulgarian)

  HW46 - Healthy cooking webinar (English)

  HW53 - Occupational stress in medical professionals at psychiatric hospitals (Bulgarian)

  HW52 - Mental health forum (Serbian)

  HW69 - Mental health and working with communities (English)

  HW76 - Yoga and Meditation to Help with Sleep and Stress (English)

  HW89 - Digital Wellness in Times of Crisis (English)

  HW81 - Staying together for Mental Health (English)

  HW82 - Response and coping strategies in COVID-19 pandemic (Bulgarian)

  HW86 - COVID-19:how NGO projects help in times of crisis against loneliness (German)

  HW100 - Stay connected - stay social, students face the COVID-19 epidemic (German)

  HW102 - Lessons from Cyprus:"Staying Together for Mental Health" during COVID-19 (English)

  HW104 - Photo movement day3: celebrating your local efforts to tackle COVID-19 (English)

  HW112 - COVID-19: Discussion with Irish researcher on loneliness (English)

  HW116 - Tools for mental health from world homenauts (English)

  HW169 - Poster competition: Staying together for mental health (English)

  HW126 - #COVIDcafe: virtual social hour for academics (English)

  HW130 - Inclusion of Autism in Europe (English)

  HW134 - Covid 19, mental health and the aftermath - young people's perspective (English)

  HW137 - Online-Spring Conference of the Austrian Public Health Association (German)

  HW139 - Webinar | Staying together for mental health (Portuguese)

  HW141 - Coping loneliness: a public health issue (English)

  HW144 - COVID-19: Children and youth’s voices about corona (English)

  HW147 - Opinion Column about Staying together for mental health (Portuguese)

  HW153 - Launch of a"Mental Health Explained" guide (English)

  HW156 - Mental Health of Adolescents in Kazakhstan: HBSC Study Results (Russian)

  HW170 - Workout for Mental Health (English)

  HW171 - Poster competition: Staying together for mental health (English)

  HW180 - Webinar - Staying together for mental health (Portuguese)

Please note that the details shown below are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.