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EUPHA Governance

EUPHA is committed to being an open and transparent organisation. Please feel free to consult our online documentation on:

Transparency statement

EUPHA is registered as an association with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands since 19-04-1994 (registration number 40482791).

EUPHA is registered with the EU Transparency Register under No. 37673629826-90. 

EUPHA is a member-based organisation. The members are represented in the Governing Board, which is responsible for approving the annual report on activities, the annual financial report, the work plan and budget for the coming year, as presented by the Executive Council. The Executive Council consists of elected governing board members. The Executive Council is charged with the management of the association and is assisted by EUPHA office. Members of the Executive Council, the Governing Board and the Section Council sign a conflict of interest declaration.

Each year, an external auditor (register accountant) expresses its opinion on the accuracy of the financial statements. The major origins of the income are membership fees, the European Journal for Public Health and EU funded projects.

The Code of Good EUPHA Practice organises the relationship between EUPHA, partners and commercial enterprises and provides an ethical and positive approach to international co-operation and partnership. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: