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EUPHA Executive bodies

EUPHA Governing Board

The EUPHA Governing Board is the highest authoritative body in EUPHA. It comprises of the Delegates appointed by the Members of each country. The Members of each country appoint one Delegate and one substitute from their midst. Institutional members will have a non-voting seat in the Governing Board. All powers within the association not specifically assigned to other bodies accrue to the Governing Board.

EUPHA Executive Council

The Executive Council is charged with the management of the association.


The EJPH Council coordinates the general policy for the European Journal of Public Health (EJPH) and EUPHA's activities in relation to the Journal. The EJPH Council advices the Executive Council on all EJPH related activities.

EUPHA Section Council

The EUPHA Section Council represents the interests and common concerns of all Sections; facilitates relations between the Sections and other relevant bodies of the association; makes recommendations to the annual conference programme; and coordinates and develops EUPHA statements.