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As a science-based organization, EUPHA can build on its long experience in analysis, on the exceptional expertise among its members, and the quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods and instruments used in multi-disciplinary public health.

Analysis provides a solid base for evidence-informed, actionable policy-making and efficient actions. EUPHA’s analysis is independent, transparent, and trustworthy, and includes:

  • A broad definition of health, looking beyond the traditional measures such as mortality to include disabilities, quality of life and well-being;
  • The entire range of health determinants, including the biological, social, environmental, occupational, behavioural, political, and commercial, the health care system, and everything that influences the health of our planet (as set out in the Vienna Declaration);
  • The distribution of health within and between populations, by gender, sexuality, race, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic position, age, migrant status, and others, highlighting our commitment to reducing health inequalities;
  • A life course approach, taking into account the specificities of health in the various phases of life and their interdependencies, from a good start in life through to active ageing;
  • Looking at public health issues from all the relevant perspectives, including legal and ethical aspects;
  • Use of foresight and scenario exercises to help us anticipate future developments;
  • Translating evidence into policy and practice in a timely, appropriate, and effectively communicated way; and
  • Identifying action on gaps in data and information, which create avoidable barriers to fully understanding the health of our populations.

Watch our video ‘True or Fake? How to bring the analysis into policies and practices’ here.


Relevant Goals from the EUPHA Strategy

4) Actively stimulate the younger generation to be part of the EUPHA network

6) Strengthening public health research in Europe

7) Deliver the right evidence at the right time

8) Support implementation of the SDGs and all policies for a healthy Europe

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