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If we are to place our analysis on European, national, and subnational political agendas, we will have to boost our advocacy efforts. EUPHA has an important role in countering disinformation and misinformation. It is therefore essential that the analysis can be presented to policy-makers and politicians in a timely and attractive manner.

Putting health on the agenda

Above all, we must keep health on the agenda and recognise the intersectoral nature of health. Our advocacy includes:

  • Monitoring the policy process, so that we can pro-actively offer relevant, timely, and state-of-the-art evidence to policy-makers faced with major decisions;
  • Pro-actively informing policy agendas by identifying new topics that require attention, gathering evidence and undertaking scenario exercises;
  • Using compelling public health narratives that effectively reach politicians, policy-makers, and the general public;
  • Skills-building in communication with policy-makers and politicians; and
  • Being deliberately collaborative to achieve our objectives.

Watch our video ‘How can we make the evidence be heard? The importance of advocacy in public health’ here.


  • Our members
  • Our European partners working on public health. This specifically includes the EU4Health-Civil Society Alliance network
  • Our European partners whose work is related to public health
  • The research community
  • WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • European and national partners touching public health (e.g. architects, urban planners)
  • Members of the European Parliament, members of national parliaments, policy-makers and politicians
  • EUPHAnxt
  • Our Sections
  • EUPHA ambassadors (Section presidents and Executive Council members, pillar advisors, Governing Board members)
  • EUPHA Rapid Response Team.

Relevant Goals from the EUPHA Strategy

2) Consolidate and expand the partnership

4) Actively stimulate the younger generation to be part of the EUPHA network

5) Keep health a priority on the European and national agendas

7) Deliver the right evidence at the right time

8) Support implementation of the SDGs and all policies for a healthy Europe

Learn about EUPHA's 8 goals.

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