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How can we – through our members and partners – support public health and health professionals ‘on the ground’? We can only succeed in partnership, catalyzing actions by those who are able to implement healthy public policies.

We will lead by example, developing actionable policy recommendations in collaboration with our partners at a European level, while supporting our national members as they plan public health action, assisting with applying an integrated and cross-sectional approach, skills-building, implementation science, and policy engagement.


  • Our members
  • Public health practitioners
  • Healthcare workers and their associations
  • Our European partners, working on public health action, including WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Our European and national partners, working in disciplines which are related to yet relevant for public health (e.g. architects, urban planners)
  • Public health authorities
  • EUPHAnxt
  • Our Sections

Relevant Goals from the EUPHA Strategy

1) Support our members in their work at the national, regional and local level

2) Consolidate and expand the partnership

3) Stimulate and facilitate mutual learning

4) Actively stimulate the younger generation to be part of the EUPHA network

Learn about EUPHA's 8 goals.

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