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EUPHA Office

The EUPHA office is responsible for the day-to-day running of all EUPHA activities. The EUPHA office is based at NIVEL - the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research - in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Charlotte Marchandise

Executive Director  

The Executive Director is responsible for the functioning of the EUPHA office, and the overall strategic development of the EUPHA organization. 

Floris Barnhoorn

Floris Barnhoorn

Deputy director

Floris started working for EUPHA in May 2009. Before joining EUPHA he worked as international project manager in both national and international settings. He has worked for extensive periods in African and Asian countries mainly in the field of capacity building and development planning.

His areas of responsibility within EUPHA mainly focus on working with member associations and Sections to develop projects to improve and strengthen public health and public health research in Europe. He has graduated from Utrecht University.

José Velthuis

Office & Administration manager

José started working for EUPHA in June 2013. Before joining EUPHA she has worked for many years as a secretary for several institutes and companies, such as NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research), also accommodated in the same office building as EUPHA.

Her area of responsibility within EUPHA is mainly focused on maintainance of the EUPHA and EPH website and membership administration and general support.

Ingeborg Vlug

Ingeborg Vlug

Financial officer

Ingeborg combines her work for NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) with being the part-time financial officer of EUPHA. She is responsible for the preparation of the annual financial report and the control over the EUPHA budget as accepted by the Governing Board. She works closely with the EUPHA treasurer and Executive Director.

Ingeborg Vlug

Nicholas Bishop

Chief Finance and administration officer