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EUPHAnxt, the next generation network 

EUPHAnxt was established in 2011, and has grown bigger each year. It is coordinated by students and young professionals

We currently have 2300 members. You can join us here!

EUPHAnxt is a unique network within EUPHA for students and young professionals, including early career researchers and policymakers, in the field of public health.

EUPHAnxt is a free and open initiative that aims to inform and involve the future generations into the European and multidisciplinary network of public health associations


  • Create a network between young professionals interested in public health and health related fields, to advance information sharing and international collaboration.
  • Strengthen the presence of young professionals in  the European public health community by facilitating their contact to relevant public health professionals and by providing them with opportunities to further advance their academic skills
  • Build collaborations with associations of young professionals to broaden the EUPHAnxt network and represent the diverse aspects of public health.


The EUPHAnxt team:

EUPHAnxt Coordinator
Sara Mc Quinn
PhD Candidate in Population Health
and Health Services Research
(SPHeRE Scholar)
Dublin City University, Ireland 

EUPHAnxt Communication Manager
Pasquale Cacciatore
UCSC Roma, Italy


EUPHAnxt Partnership Manager
Anton Karl Oskar Hasselgren
Msc. Global Health
University of Trondheim 

EUPHAnxt Conference Manager
Keitly Mensah
Medical Doctor, Public Health Specialist  
from Lyon Research Fellow,
Princeton University, USA


EUPHAnxt advisers:

Tjede Funk
Master's in Global Health, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Research and Educational Assistant, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Giacomo Scaioli
Resident physician in Public Health Department at 
Public Health Sciences University of Torino, Italy

Emma Honkala
MSc in Global Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark