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EUPHA Advisory bodies

EUPHA Past Presidents Committee

All past presidents of EUPHA become lifelong members of the Past Presidents Committee. The Executive Council can request advice from the Past Presidents Committee, and can ask individual members to represent EUPHA in official situations.

EUPHA Good EUPHA Practice Committee (GEP)

The Good EUPHA Practice Committee (GEP)is responsible for the implementation of the Good EUPHA Practice Code for Collaboration with partners and commercial contributors.

EUPHA Advisory Nominations Committee

The Advisory Nominations Committee (ANC) is an ad-hoc advisory group to the Governing Board to search for the following members of the Executive Council:

  • President;
  • Treasurer; and
  • Secretary.

Four Pillar Advisors

For the 2014-2020 EUPHA strategy, we continue to work with Pillar networks. These networks look at different aspects of public health in general: 

The Pillar networks are set up with representatives from EUPHA members, EUPHA sections and EUPHAnxt to form networks that initiate activities on their aspect, and advise the EUPHA Governing Bodies on activities. The advisors of each pillar are nominated by the Executive Council of EUPHA.

Advisory Working Group (AGOG)

The Advisory Working group was established by the EUPHA Executive Council in June 2016. The objective of the AGOG is to:

  • Support the EUPHA office in implementing the annual work plans as agreed by the EUPHA Governing Board (the working part);
  • Advise EUPHA bodies on new topics, actions to be included (the advisory part).

Working group EUPHA strategy 2020-2025

The Working group EUPHA strategy 2020-2025 has been set up to brainstorm on the strategy of EUPHA.

Green club

EUPHA has established a working group of environmental experts and environment-conscious colleagues to advice both EUPHA and the EPH Conference Foundation in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the conference. The Green Club is intended to brainstorm and advice the organisers of the annual EPH Conferences on how to decrease the impact on the environment.