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EUPHA Advisory bodies

EUPHA Past Presidents Committee

All past presidents of EUPHA become lifelong members of the Past Presidents Committee. The Executive Council can request advice from the Past Presidents Committee, and can ask individual members to represent EUPHA in official situations.

Good EUPHA Practice Committee (GEP)

The Good EUPHA Practice Committee (GEP)is responsible for the implementation of the Good EUPHA Practice Code for Collaboration with partners and commercial contributors.

EUPHA Advisory Nominations Committee

The Advisory Nominations Committee (ANC) is an ad-hoc advisory group to the Governing Board to search for the following members of the Executive Council:

  • President;
  • Treasurer; and
  • Secretary.

Green club

EUPHA has established a working group of environmental experts and environment-conscious colleagues to advice both EUPHA and the EPH Conference Foundation in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the conference. The Green Club is intended to brainstorm and advice the organisers of the annual EPH Conferences on how to decrease the impact on the environment.

Working group on serious gaming

This working group on serious gaming is set up within EUPHA to guide the development of a serious game for public health professionals at European level in order to support EUPHA members with skills training, including collaboration amongst public health professionals, and with those outside the traditional field of public health (e.g. urban planners, occupational therapists).

Working group on gender equality and women empowerment

On International Women’s Day 2021, EUPHA announced the formation of a new Working Group (WG) on Gender Equality and on Women’s Empowerment. The WG will focus on capturing the perspectives of all EUPHA Sections to comprehensively map the needs, the priorities and key actioning areas in European and global public health in order to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls and meet Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) of the United Nations.

Working group on access to medicines

All citizens in Europe and beyond should have access to essential medicines that are affordable and of high quality. However, the current laws, rules and processes that regulate access of medicinal products – including vaccines – to the market and determine availability and distribution of these products for patients/citizens, do not always have the desired effects. We see problems such as (extremely) high prices, stock shortages, unequal/unfair distribution - as we have seen e.g., during the COVID-19 pandemic -, market access for medicines with very little added value, and persistently inadequately addressed unmet societal needs (e.g., lack of investment in new antimicrobials and in medicines for neglected tropical diseases).