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EUPHW 2020
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European Public Health WEEK

11-15 May 2020

Joining forces for healthier populations


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  HW91 - Public health priorities and funding: policy decisions (English)

Date / theme:Thursday 14 May - Equal health for all
Time:14h00 until 15h30 (GMT+01:00) Bern (organisers' local time)
(please check your equivalent timezone!)
Event type:  Webinar
Event format:Online only
Description:What is public health? What would life be like without public health initiatives of the past century? How are funds spent by the WHO and other public health/disease control organizations? Do these priorities make sense? What about fighting COVID-19? This presentation poses questions and provides data from a policy perspective.
Hosting country:  Switzerland
Specific location(s):
Organisers:Laes-Kushner Consulting
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