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EUPHW 2021
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European Public Health WEEK

17-21 May 2021

Joining forces for healthier populations


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  HW225 - Public Health Evidence to support decision making (English)

Date / theme:Thursday 20 May - All for one health
Time:11h00 until 12h30 (GMT) Lisbon (organisers' local time)
(please check your equivalent timezone!)
Event type:  Conference
Event format:Online only
Description:How can we support decision making on behalf of Public Health benefit? During this webinar António Vaz Carneiro - Head of Cochrane Portugal and of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Evidence Based Health (ISBE) - will address one of the hot topics of today when we are concerned with "All for One health".
Hosting country:  Portugal
Specific location(s):
Organisers:EUPHA Health Promotion Section PH Freiburg University of Education (PH) University Minho (UM) Faculty of Medicine ULisboa (UML) ESTeSC Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra
For registration and further information please contact the event organisers directly:
Contact info:The Healthy Lifestyles & Health Literacy Chair Academy (HeLiCA) is a joint venture between several institutions and is designed to contribute to a sustainable living in the midst of an ecosystem crisis. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is a striking example of how relevant is today to move from our traditional perspectives to embrace a new ethos and praxis regarding human experience.
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