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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Thursday 19 May - No health without mental health

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This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

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In-person with live streaming

  HW157 - Mental health and Public Health

  HW34 - Mental health for all (Mielenterveyttä kaikille)

  HW72 - How to preserve and improve mental health after health crisis?

  HW192 - Film and mental health
      EUPHA featured: interesting discussion

  HW44 - No health without mental health


  HW10 - Student Conference: Public Health Challenges

  HW214 - Why Sleep Matters?

  HW68 - Six ways to wellbeing

  HW131 - Prevent peer violence and improve mental health

  HW108 - No health without mental health

  HW98 - Physical Activity for Mental Health in Medical University - Pleven
      EUPHA Featured event: out-of-the-box event

Online only

  HW77 - Opinion column - No health without mental Health

  HW173 - Public awareness for vaccination, climate change and mental health

  HW63 - Public Health Technology Week - 2022

  HW71 - II Gdansk Health Days

  HW97 - Are new nurses prepared to deal with difficult patients?

  HW114 - Existential analysis meets imagination therapy in challenging times.

  HW115 - The importance of resilience in a rapidly changing time.

  HW122 - Youth for Mental Health Awareness - Polygeia

  HW159 - Be Aware with Turin Public Health School- day 4

  HW186 - Are we equals towards mental health?

  HW179 - The invisible sights of conflicts

  HW196 - Status: online - prevention of risky use of the Internet

  HW197 - Managing managers in mental health

  HW198 - Managing managers mental health

  HW209 - Mental Health Support in the Digital World and Smoking Cessation
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involved event

  HW52 - Kick-off event: No health without mental health
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner GAMIAN Europe.

  HW92 - Podcast M80 ”Consulta Marcada": "Mental Health"

  HW110 - Mental health during pregnancy

  HW86 - Monitoring COVID-19 related changes in mental health in Europe

  HW129 - Climate change and mental health

  HW164 - Podcast: The mental health of carers

  HW224 - Panel discussion "No health without mental health"

  HW263 - digiDEM Bayern - Improving the situation of dementia care givers

  HW49 - Caring violent child safely in psychiatric units

  HW150 - Resilience Workshop: Overcoming Thinking Patterns that Hold us Back

  HW241 - WHO European framework for action on mental health (2022)

  HW50 - Determinants of mental health and well-being

  HW168 - Mental illness-related stigma and its destructive effect on treatment

  HW195 - Mental&Public Health (a story from Transylvania)

  HW242 - Tobacco use and mental health – fact sheet

  HW243 - The path to a better health is possible

  HW100 - Burnout education, normatives and digital tools for EU Universities

  HW244 - The WHO European Region speaks with one voice on the need to improve mental health systems

  HW245 - Protecting the mental health of health workers

  HW271 - The Departmento of Public Health Of Centro Region will present best practices on mental health
      EUPHA featured: interesting event

  HW80 - Podcast: Does social media make you unhappy?

  HW83 - Podcast: mental health disorders among migrants

  HW84 - Podcast: Self-guided digital interventions for individuals at risk of suicide

  HW96 - Safeguarding alcohol policies to implement SAFER

  HW133 - Mental Health Forum – Open panel discussion
      EUPHA featured: interesting events for all students in Serbia

  HW149 - PsychedelicsEUROPE - Towards Innovative Approaches in Mental Health

  HW190 - ÖGD INSIDE - Public Mental Health

  HW246 - Coping with mental health challenges during COVID-19: stories from Hungary

  HW247 - Voices from across the Region at the launch of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition

  HW248 - Mental health and young people: House of Swag performs for WHO/Europe

  HW249 - Mental health during COVID-19: Stories of resilience from Albania

  HW202 - Projections of Kaunas

  HW251 - Mental health, men and culture: how do sociocultural constructions of masculinities relate to men’s mental health help-seeking behaviour

  HW254 - Podcast: Ensuring the health and well-being of people in prison

  HW257 - Podcast: The voices of health workers

  HW258 - Staying mentally healthy during hard times – A nurse’s personal advice

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.