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EUPHW 2020
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European Public Health WEEK

11-15 May 2020

Joining forces for healthier populations


Thursday 14 May - Equal health for all

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If you wish to see the key messages or learn more about this topic, visit the Thursday theme page.

Online only

  HW18 - Covid-19: Adapting EU Health Systems to Diversity - Focus on the Roma (English)

  HW22 - COVID-19: Social and health inequalities in Bulgaria (Bulgarian)

  HW29 - Breastfeeding and New Mothers during COVID19 (Bulgarian)

  HW41 - Risk groups and risk factors in epidemics with parasitic agents (Bulgarian)

  HW43 - COVID-19 and the greatest humanitarian lesson to be learned (English)

  HW48 - Volunteering - psycho-social support in a crisis (Bulgaria)

  HW56 - Health care training in the pandemic COVID-19 (Bulgarian)

  HW63 - The program ”Nurse Family Partnership-Bulgaria” in COVID19 (Bulgarian)

  HW64 - Training on healthy eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding (Bulgarian)

  HW70 - Equal health for all (English)

  HW73 - Breastfeeding support during COVID19 Pandemic (Greek)

  HW80 - COVID-19: Vulnerable Populations and Access to Healthcare (English)

  HW87 - COVID-19:Equal health for all possible?Even in times of crisis? (German)

  HW91 - Public health priorities and funding: policy decisions (English)

  HW135 - COVID-19: the responses from Health Promotion (French)

  HW105 - Photo movement day4: celebrating your local efforts to tackle COVID-19 (English)

  HW107 - Immunization: does it matter? (English)

  HW108 - Mortality from social determinants vs COVID-19 (English)

  HW114 - Blog: Ageing and public health in Ireland (English)

  HW121 - Mitigating adverse health effects of COVID-19 response (English)

  HW124 - Toghether 4 Health Equity during Covid19 crisis (English and Italian)

  HW128 - Health literacy as the lens to tackle inequity in health (English)

  HW129 - ASPHER COVID-19 Task Force: Inequalities and Vulnerable Populations (English)

  HW132 - Who has the power to empower? Youth engagement in COVID-19 response (English)

  HW133 - New visions on entrepreunership after covid-19 (Portuguese)

  HW143 - Webinar | Equal health for all (Portuguese)

  HW148 - Opinion Column about Equal health for all (Portuguese)

  HW155 - COVID-19 key facts and actions in education (Russian)

  HW160 - Social Prescribing: practical experiences from UK, Portugal & Ireland (English)

  HW174 - Vulnerable populations and COVID-19 in Israel (Hebrew and English)

  HW175 - Report of FPH Board Meeting (English)

  HW181 - Webinar - Equal health for all (Portuguese)

Please note that the details shown below are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.