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European Public Health Week

13-17 May 2024


Health is a political choice!


Thursday 16 May - Health through the life course: Breaking down silos

Below is a list of the events, click here to return to the search page.

This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

Events with a star are highlighted by EUPHA.

Please check the time zones here.

In-person with live streaming

  HW78 - United4Health (University of Patras)


  HW111 - Bridging Silos to Increase Capacity through Science Diplomacy (Embassy of Pakistan, Brussels; PATH; EUTOPIA)

  HW17 - Prevention of physical inactivity, obesity and cardiovascular diseases (Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Sport, SWU ”Neofit Rilski” - Blagoevgrad)

  HW77 - Informed society, healthy future (South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Sport, Blagoevgrad Regional Health Inspection, Blagoevgrad Municipality, Dance Studio "Deja Vue", Bulgarian Public Health Association)

  HW117 - Limiting health risk factors (National Center of Public Health and Analyses - Bulgaria (NCPHA))

  HW127 - Science to reducing the silos through the life course (MU-Varna, Faculty of Public Health, BAPH)

  HW161 - National Ruhanka in Vyshyvanka "Thank you AFU" (Poltava State Agrarian University)

  HW28 - PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SPORT FOR LIFELONG HEALTH (Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

  HW38 - Roundtable discussion about positive aging (Kaunas City Municipality Public Health Bureau)

  HW52 - Public health in the Digital Era (Encontro Nacional de Médicos Internos de Saúde Públic; Comissões de Médicos Internos de Saúde Pública do Norte, Centro, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Alentejo e Algarve)

  HW65 - Family planning - the right to choose (Medical University Varna)

  HW102 - CONTINUITY OF PREVENTIVE CARE (Silvia Borisova, Galina Petrova, Krasimira Slavova MU-Varna, Faculty of Public Health, Department of Health Care)

  HW140 - Prevention is better than cure (Institut for Prevention and Intervention, St. Elisabeth Unoversity of Health and Social Work in Bratislava)

  HW29 - The family in the system of health behavior, education of adolescents (Medical University - Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

  HW26 - Multidisciplinary team for working with disabled children (Assoc. Professor Iskra Petkova, PhD Assoc. Professor Danelina Vacheva, PhD Bulgarian Public Health Association - Pleven Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria)

  HW43 - Оsteoporosis - the silent thief, a rapidly growing global problem (Мedical University - Plovdiv)

  HW21 - Public health: prevention and health promotion-Saturday 18 May (ASL Vercelli - Comune Vercelli)

  HW32 - Public Health Cinema: A New Approach to Health Promotion (Center - School of Public Health and Health Management Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade)

  HW23 - Physical activity for Health through the life course (MU-Pleven, Faculty of Public Health; Medical University of Pleven, Faculty of Public Health, Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy and Sports: Nina Mihailova, Iskra Ilieva, Iliyan Ilchev, Tanya Megova, Rostislav Kostov, Milena Kirnikolova, Kaloqn Monov, Petar Popov, Hristo Genov, Svetoslav Rachkov, Petio Kolev, Iva Naidenova, Delyan Demirev, Bulgarian Public Health Association)

  HW74 - Healthy Parents, Health children (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus Breastfeeding Association, Cyprus epidemiology and Public Health Association, Birth Forward)

Online only

  HW153 - Podcast on Inequalities in Childhood Overweight (University of Glasgow)

  HW89 - Daily kick-off Webinar: "Health through the life course: Breaking down silos” (This webinar is co-organised by the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education, EUPHA Health Promotion Section, EUPHA Health Literacy Initiative and the EUPHA's Health Ageing Section)

  HW94 - Social prescribing: dismantling silos for community wellbeing (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, EuroHealthNet)

  HW137 - The first 1000 days. How do midwives and nurses help public health? (Ruse University, Department of Healthcare)

  HW145 - Prevention is better than cure (IPI - Institut for Prevention and Intervention, St. Elisabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava, Voluntary Civil Protection)

  HW80 - UHC Progress & Challenges in an Aging World (Society for Public Health Thought and Innovation)

  HW112 - Webinar on the Commercial Determinants of Health (Eurocare and EuroHealthNet)

  HW91 - Intergenerational Approach to Changing the Narrative on Age and Ageing (WHO Regional Office for Europe, EUPHA)

  HW118 - Active Longevity (National Center of Public Health and Analyses - Bulgaria (NCPHA))

  HW19 - Digital Health Boost Hackathon (Crazy Town Oy:, UIIN:, UCLL UAS:, St. Pölten UAS:, Jamk UAS: )

  HW110 - Health and SPA tourism as part of health prevention for all (Medical University – Varna with MU-Vi tv, Bulgarian of Balneology and SPA Tourism, European SPAS Association)

  HW116 - Patient and the concept One Health (National Center of Public Health and Analyses - Bulgaria (NCPHA))

  HW59 - Dismantling silos between education and health through health literacy (Technical University of Munich, WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Literacy; London South Bank University; BLISS (Boosting Health Literacy for School Students); University of Minho; EUPHA Health Literacy Section)

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.