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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Tuesday 17 May - Vaccination as key prevention strategy

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In-person with live streaming

  HW126 - Vaccination as key prevention strategy

  HW137 - Vaccination as key prevention strategy

  HW153 - Prevention strategy/ Campaign on HPV immunization

  HW134 - Mental health


  HW8 - Functional study in patients after COVID-19 infection

  HW66 - The vaccination timeline

  HW17 - Stop the pandemic by immunizing yourself.

  HW166 - HPV vaccine for cancer prevention

Online only

  HW75 - Opinion column - Vaccination as key prevention strategy

  HW174 - Vaccination is necessary at any age

  HW27 - 25th annual conference Austrian Public Health Association

  HW54 - Kick-off event: vaccination as key prevention strategy
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner ECDC.

  HW55 - The vaccines - the active choice for a better healthy future

  HW61 - Public Health Technology Week - 2022

  HW113 - "20 Tage, 20Min." - Interview between Dr. M. Sprenger & M.Fleischhacker

  HW120 - Youth for Vaccination - Polygeia

  HW130 - Facts about children vaccination

  HW156 - Be Aware with Turin Public Health School- day 2

  HW171 - Public awareness for vaccination, climate change and mental health

  HW30 - Awareness of vaccine prophylaxis in elderly

  HW40 - Interaction between social workers and midwives

  HW200 - How to help our body protect itself? Immunization. Dr. V. Eigirdiene

  HW90 - Podcast M80 "Consulta Marcada": "Vaccination"

  HW109 - How to talk vaccines with parents & where do we lose the connection?

  HW161 - Assessment of vaccines efficacy and safety
      EUPHA featured event: EUPHA involved event

  HW181 - Waning of the AstraZeneca vaccine

  HW188 - ÖGD INSIDE - Vaccination

  HW222 - Online panel discussion “ Vaccination as key prevention strategy”

  HW237 - HPV vaccination brings the WHO European Region closer to a cervical cancer-free future

  HW238 - Guidance on vaccination for countries hosting refugees from Ukraine

  HW20 - Topical issuses of immunoprophylaxis

  HW239 - European Immunization Agenda 2030
      EUPHA featured: Interesting report and video by WHO

  HW240 - Get the facts, get the HPV vaccine!

  HW265 - MyUSE and DUHEI: Reducing Drug Related Harms Among Students

  HW204 - Improving immunization equity: bridging communities & health systems
      EUPHA featured: interesting event

  HW268 - Current figures of the vaccination in Portugal

  HW81 - Video: How does one make nature?

  HW28 - The value of health: A global perspective

  HW217 - Routine Vaccination Recommendations for Adults

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.