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EUPHW 2021
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European Public Health WEEK

17-21 May 2021

Joining forces for healthier populations


Tuesday 18 May - New challenges in mental health

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If you wish to see the key messages or learn more about this topic, visit the Tuesday theme page.

This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.


  HW230 - Community-based drug prevention programmes: minority groups, migrants, prisoners (Bulgarian)

  HW118 - Consultations for people with hearing loss (Bulgarian)

  HW90 - After-work movement session (English, German)

  HW93 - Mental health of children during COVID-19 (Bulgarian)

Online only

  HW29 - Ensuring health preservation: new challenges&threats to drug safety (Russian)

  HW47 - Children's mental health on the line (English)

  HW76 - Impact of COVD 19 pandemic on child mental health in Bulgaria (Bulgarian)

  HW4 - Fighting misinformation in healthcare - the role of PR (Portuguese)

  HW21 - FEATURED: COVID-19 impact on people with mental health conditions and beyond (English)

  HW77 - RECOVER-E: moving forward with community mental health care (English)

  HW178 - How to protect yourself against misinformation about health online (Bulgarian)

  HW91 - Mental Health Forum - Challenges for Young Health Professionals (Serbian)

  HW94 - Unknown Future of Youth Mental Health (English)

  HW98 - COVID-19 pandemic impact in Academia (English)

  HW173 - Public mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic (English)

  HW213 - Health-supporting pilgrimage (Hungarian)

  HW3 - Celebrating the European Public Health Week (English)

  HW145 - Supporting Health Workforce Mental Health and Resilience (English)

  HW198 - Webinar - New challenges in mental health (Portuguese)

  HW211 - Alcohol use during first wave of COVID-19 pandemics in Czechia (English)

  HW103 - Mental Health & Burnout Q&A (English)

  HW110 - ÖGPH Webinar: Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on mental health (German)

  HW120 - Mental Health and Covid-19 (Georgian)

  HW229 - United strenghts for healthier populations (Portuguese)

  HW89 - The future of Public Mental Health (English)

  HW199 - The Mental Health of Children and Parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Greek)

  HW217 - New Challenges in a Mental Health without Borders (Portuguese, Spanish)

  HW100 - Mental Health Crises; The Parallel Pandemic (English)

  HW123 - What is well-being? Children's perspective (Swedish)

  HW154 - EJPH in video: suicide impact of the Basaglia Law (English)

  HW13 - Public Health Technology Weeks - 2021 (Russian)

  HW61 - Discussionround with Experts: How can we face new mental challenges? (German)

  HW86 - Developing multi-professional Education for promoting mental health (Bulgarian)

  HW108 - Mindfulness for resilience and wellbeing workshop (German, English)

  HW116 - Better together for Mental Health (English)

  HW125 - Potential and dangers of the digital world (Italian)

  HW159 - Opinion Column about New challenges in mental health (Portuguese)

  HW228 - Cambridge Public Health Annual Showcase 2021 (English)

Please note that the details shown below are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.