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EPH 2023, Dublin, Ireland, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference: Art, architecture, atmosphere and (mental) health - A multi-disciplinary walking experience in Dublin
  • Workshop: Mental health in old age
    Organised by: EUPHA-PMH, EUPHA-CHR
  • Workshop: Salutogenic Cities: European experiences in Urban Health.
  • Workshop: Responding to violence and abuse across the life-course
    Organised by: EUPHA-PMH
  • Workshop: Mental health literacy in schools: new insights from key European studies across populations
    Organised by: EUPHA-HL initiative, EUPHA-PMH, TU Munich, University of Applied Science Emden-Leer
  • Workshop: The mental health burden of school principals during the Covid-19 pandemic: global research findings
    Organised by: EUPHA-HL initiative, EUPHA-PMH, Global Health Literacy Research Network
  • Workshop: Healthy Buildings: interdisciplinary perspectives

EPH 2022, Berlin, Germany, workshops:

  • Urban Green Spaces, Built Environment and Urban
  • Psychosocial impact and healthcare utilization after terrorist attacks 
    Organised by: EUPHA-PMH
  • New challenges for suicide prevention in the context of Covid-19
    Organised by: EUPHA-PMH

EPH 2021, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

WCPH 2020, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Workshop: Public Health and Urban Design: an interdisciplinary approach to promote autism friendly environments (abstract)
  • Workshop: Mental Health of older people (abstract)
  • Workshop: Suicide prevention: new insights? (abstract)
  • Workshop: Addressing Mental Health Needs in the Context of Mass Immigration (abstract)
  • Workshop: Determinants of family mental health (abstract)
  • Workshop: Sexual minorities' mental health and their experiences of stigma and minority stress across settings (abstract)
    Organised with: EUPHA-SGMH
  • Workshop: Digital Interventions in public mental health: current impact and future directions (abstract)
    Organised with EUPHA-PMH
  • Workshop: Design for mental health integration through built environment interventions (abstract)
    Organised: EUPHA-URB, EUPHA-ENV, University of Crete (Greece)


2nd International Public Mental Health Conference
19 -21 June 2019, Jerusalem, Israel

IV International Summer Course on Public Mental Health: “RESEARCH IN PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH AND RESILIENCE” 7th-11th October, 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

EPH 2019, Marseille, France pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference HEALTHY PLACES: Research, Strategies and Policies towards Healthy Places and Healthy People, 20 November 2019, Marseille, France
  • Workshop: Toward a better living with schizophrenia
  • Workshop: Measuring children mental health 
  • Workshop: Substance use disorders (SUD)
  • Workshop: Terrorist attacks and aftercare
  • Workshop: Building bridges between environmental and Public Mental health with Environment and health section
  • Workshop: Liberté, égalité and fraternité in public health with Ethics in public health section

EPH 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Workshop: Suicide (attempts): determinants, prevention and aftercare: further insights?


1stInternational Public Mental Health Conference: From Fundamentals To Innovations 
30 June  – 1 July, 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania! 
Please click here for the web link and here for the conference flyer.

EPH 2017, Stockholm, Sweden pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2016, Vienna, Austria pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2015, Milan, Italy pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Please click here for the brochure concerning the course “RESEARCH IN PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH” June 29—03 July, 2015 at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lituania
  • Activities at the EPH Conference in Milan 

EPH 2013, Brussels, Belgium: 

  • For the first time in history, three EUPHA sections organized a preconference on the needs for monitoring and research in public mental health. The event was organised by the EUPHA sections on Public mental health, Urban health and Public health monitoring and reporting. Click here for the programme.

EPH 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands pre-conferences/workshops:

Workshops at other past EPH / EUPHA conferences:


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