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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Friday 20 May - Building resilient health systems

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This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

Events with a star are highlighted by EUPHA.

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In-person with live streaming

  HW146 - Emergency medical care activities during COVID-19

  HW36 - Kick-off event day 5 - Transforming health systems for resilience: access, workforce & digital
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner the Observatory. Co-hosted by EUPHA's Digital health section.

  HW142 - Rethinking the relationship with health


  HW12 - Methodology of application of kinesitherapy in neurology

  HW221 - Healthy healthcare management for resilient health systems

  HW43 - Education Healthy Workplace for healthcare professionals

  HW56 - Ensuring sustainability of Nurse-Family-Partnership Program in Bulgaria

  HW69 - The cultural iceberg

  HW226 - Environmental pollution and health consequences

  HW193 - Network 'View Outside', 5th Annual Spring Meeting

In-person with

  HW203 - Workforce for tomorrow's emergencies - Vision for Preparedness 2.0
      EUPHA featured: interesting event

Online only

  HW78 - Opinion column: Building resilient health systems

  HW212 - Wake up: Buidling resilient pharmaceutical systems

  HW51 - II Gdansk Health Days

  HW64 - Public Health Technology Week - 2022

  HW116 - What can the health system of tomorrow look like?

  HW123 - Youth for Resilient Health Systems - Polygeia

  HW160 - Be Aware with Turin Public Health School- day 5

  HW176 - 100 years- an overview of the Teaching Public Health Institution works

  HW225 - Challenges in Public Health during the War
      EUPHA featured event: accurate topic with the Ukrainian war going on.

  HW262 - Health care center of the future based on health literacy

  HW39 - Pedagogical competence of mentors during the pre-graduation training

  HW266 - Personalized medicine and public engagement
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involved event

  HW125 - Building resilient health systems through strategic planning

  HW215 - Showcasing cross-border cooperation to strengthen health

  HW35 - Medical Simulation Education for nurses in condition of COVID-19

  HW38 - Theatre nurse-healthcare career and professional development

  HW93 - Podcast M80 ”Consulta Marcada": "Resilient health systems"

  HW95 - What next for pandemic preparedness in Europe?

  HW177 - Public Health Risks and Moral Responsibility: the COVID-19 Pandemic
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involved event

  HW231 - Professional competences to promote healthy ageing across the lifespan

  HW99 - Revolution Data and predictive epidemiological tools in transplants

  HW103 - Healthcare provision in times of armed conflict
      EUPHA featured event: accurate topic with the Ukrainian war going on.

  HW191 - ÖGD INSIDE - Health Systems

  HW260 - Building resilient health systems

  HW145 - Pillars of disaster resilience

  HW154 - Country visits: interviewing health information system stakeholders
      EUPHA featured event: interesting event

  HW210 - Migrant health in medical studies - experiences from Germany

  HW211 - Personality, Trust and Social Cohesion: what relations with Mental Health

  HW252 - Health systems resilience during COVID-19: Lessons for building back better

  HW253 - Roadmap to professionalizing the public health workforce in the European Region

  HW57 - Pillars of Health coalition: launch event
      EUPHA featured: interesting event

  HW140 - Podcast: in conversation with Community Champions (RSPH)

  HW141 - Podcast: in conversation with the Health Foundation (RSPH)

  HW79 - European Public Health Week 2022 Webinar

  HW178 - School as part of community response to child sexual abuse
      EUPHA featured event: EUPHA involvement

  HW206 - RE-Building resilient health system: Ukrainian perspectives
      EUPHA featured event: accurate topic with the Ukrainian war going on.

  HW267 - Understanding Genetics: the Key to a Healthier GENEration

  HW273 - RE-Building resilient health system: Ukrainian perspectives
      EUPHA featured event: Ukrainian war

  HW272 - Experiences of dealing with the pandemics in the Public Health Units in Portugal

  HW151 - Involving young people in public health
      EUPHA Featured: EUPHA involved event

  HW219 - Optimizing Interprofessional Interactions for Patient & Community Care

  HW255 - Podcast: Building fairer, healthier societies part one: an interview with Public Health Wales

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.