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EUPHW 2020
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European Public Health WEEK

11-15 May 2020

Joining forces for healthier populations


Friday 15 May - Grow old, grow healthy

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If you wish to see the key messages or learn more about this topic, visit the Friday theme page.

Online only

  HW17 - From generation to generation (Portuguese)

  HW33 - E-collection: Ageing and health (English)

  HW54 - The effects of physical inactivity on health in isolation (Bulgarian)

  HW71 - Healthy ageing and health promotion (English)

  HW72 - COVID-19: Active Senior at Home (English)

  HW79 - Pilates for Seniors: Stay Strong and Balanced​ (Greek & English)

  HW83 - BeActiveAtHome:exercises from Physiotherapists during COVID19 (English)

  HW88 - COVID-19: Stay healthy as elderly in times of crisis (German)

  HW96 - Feeding elderly people during social exclusion (Bulgarian)

  HW106 - Photo movement day5: celebrating your local efforts to tackle COVID-19 (English)

  HW110 - Individuals and community for healthy ageing (Bulgarian)

  HW115 - Blog: Staying physically active as we grow old (English)

  HW117 - COVID-19: Real-world lessons from the pandemic (Greek)

  HW118 - How can nursing homes contribute for healthy ageing? (Portuguese)

  HW127 - Closing schools during COVID-19: consequences and requirements (English)

  HW140 - Webinar | Grow old, grow healthy (Portuguese)

  HW149 - Opinion Column about Grow old, grow healthy (Portuguese)

  HW150 - European Public Health Week 2020 Webinar (Portuguese)

  HW159 - Healthy end active ageing in pandemic COVID 19 (Macedonian and English)

  HW168 - Contribution of the French School of Public Health (EHESP) to the management of COVID-19 (French)

  HW177 - COVİD-19 pandemic in Turkey (Turkish)

  HW182 - Webinar - Grow old, grow healthy (Portuguese)

Please note that the details shown below are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.