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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Monday 16 May - A healthy and health literate youth

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This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

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In-person with live streaming

  HW136 - Opening the EUPHW in Bulgaria on Bulgarian National Radio "Horizon
      EUPHA featured: live radio item on Bulgarian radio

  HW13 - Awareness of communication disorders among young people

  HW45 - Prevention is better than cure
      EUPHA Featured event: interesting in-person event with livestreaming

  HW128 - Healthy Youth Healthy Future

  HW148 - Promoting healthy habits among young people

  HW14 - Innovative Technologies in Speech and Language Pathology


  HW9 - Diagnosis of postural control disorders

  HW11 - Free assessment of flat feet in adults and adolescents.

  HW26 - My healthy, strong body!
      EUPHA Featured event: out-of-the-box event

  HW41 - Reading healthy

  HW46 - Books exhibition on the topic of preserving the health of youngsters

  HW102 - Setting SMART goals for a healthy life

  HW65 - The board of misinformation

  HW111 - Sexually transmitted infections: Prevention and education of youth

  HW167 - Interprofessional intervention to detect Overweight & Obesity

  HW165 - Dental hygiene for children

  HW175 - Importance of HPV vaccination

  HW227 - Building healthy lifestyles in a healthy environment

  HW33 - Healthy eating in early school age

  HW132 - Your Health Depends on You
      EUPHA Featured: First aid class by the Red Cross

  HW213 - Be responsible! Live consciously!

  HW229 - Delayed motherhood - pregnancy myths after 40

  HW138 - Demonstration of Students Sports at University of Ruse for Health

  HW143 - "Open door to open the soul"

Online only

  HW74 - Opinion column - A healthy and health literate youth

  HW18 - Modern health education - challenges and realities

  HW199 - Active youth - healthy youth!

  HW170 - Public awareness for vaccination, climate change and mental health

  HW22 - Competency Framework for the Public Health Workforce in Europe

  HW53 - Kick-off event: A Healthy & health literate youth
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner ASPHER.

  HW58 - The continuous use of mobile devices: benefits and harms

  HW60 - Public Health Technology Week - 2022

  HW117 - Children of divorce and adolescent health

  HW119 - Youth for Health Literacy - Polygeia

  HW155 - Be Aware with Turin Public Health School - day1

  HW182 - The health benefits of physical activity – raising awareness
      EUPHA features: Live Twitter discussion

  HW194 - Outdoors of course! Spreading the 20-20-2 rule together

  HW16 - Measuring Health Literacy in Children and Adolescents
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involvement

  HW37 - Social interaction in the distance learning process

  HW48 - Educating Youth in Ethiopia to Stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

  HW87 - Basics of healthy nutrition for children under 3 years old

  HW107 - "Sexual Health – The Base for Health Literate Youth"

  HW232 - Pocket book of primary health care for children and adolescents
      EUPHA featured: interesting materials from WHO

  HW261 - Divorce, Children and Health - Radio interview with Susanne Strobach

  HW15 - Health Literacy Interventions in Schools
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involvement

  HW89 - Podcast M80 "Consulta Marcada": "Health literate youth"

  HW207 - Policy Evaluation for the Early Years

  HW32 - Measurement of physiological parameters - pulse rate and blood pressure

  HW88 - Food-based dietary guidelines for healthy nutrition for students between 7-19 years

  HW152 - Building health literacy in youth – Central European perspective

  HW180 - Creative Insights: young people’s perspectives on health inequalities

  HW187 - ÖGD INSIDE - Health Promotion

  HW220 - Online panel discusion “A healthy and health literate youth”

  HW233 - “Nothing about us, without us” – Tips for policy-makers on child and adolescent participation in policy development

  HW230 - Announcement - Health Promotion: Is it on the Occupational Therapy Agenda

  HW234 - Young people and mental health – House of Swag

  HW85 - Building health education skills of health professionals

  HW235 - Behavioural and cultural insights shed light on how the pandemic has left youth behind

  HW236 - Health literacy in the context of health, well-being and learning outcomes the case of children and adolescents in schools

  HW59 - Webinar: A healthy and health literate youth

  HW82 - Video: What to do with chronically ill children?

  HW228 - Communication with patients in mental health crisis

  HW105 - Youth involvement in healthcare motivating young self-help?

  HW124 - Meaningful Youth Participation in Global and Public Health

  HW205 - EPH Fellowship - sharing the conference experience
      EUPHA featured: EUPHA involvement

  HW256 - Podcast: Schooling during COVID-19

  HW208 - II International Symposium Research Advances in Physical Activity

  HW118 - Webinar: Health Literate Youth - What Challenges?

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.