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Input consultation processes

April 2012: EU reflection on chronic disease

The European Commission asked stakeholders to reflect on the Discussion paper - EU reflection Process on Chronic Diseases. Please find here the response that was submitted on behalf of the EUPHA section on PHMR: Response EU reflection CD_EUPHA section PHMR.pdf

March 2012: section PHMR provided input for a EUPHA response to the WHO Health 2020 proposal

In March 2012, the following response was sent to the EUPHA office on behalf of the section PHMR: Response to WHO Health 2020 proposal on behalf of the EUPHA section PHMR.pdf

2010: Reaction public consultation revision EU Data Protection Directive

As a result of the 2010 workshop on the use of individual health records and data protection, it was decided to submit a reaction to the then ongoing public consultation related to the revision of the European Data Protection Directive. Several supporters of the initiative for a EUPHA section on PHMR endorsed this reaction. More information on this topic can be found at the page 'Data protection and PHMR'.

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