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EUPHA-LAW is open to everyone who supports the mission of EUPHA and wishes to join the section. There is no need to be a member of EUPHA and no costs to membership. 

We will embrace a horizontal, multidisciplinary, multi-level approach to our work, and look forward to expanding the membership. We will aim to develop a strong interdisciplinary and international network of academic partners, wide range of policy actors, practitioners, and other partners in Europe and beyond.

Contribute to the Section

We welcome suggestions and contributions. Please do get in touch to share any ideas you may have by emailing Amandine Garde, Section President (amandine.garde(at) and/or Nikhil Gokani, Section Vice President (nikhil.gokani(at)

Section subscribers can also add their (contact)details to a database. There are many benefits to this eg– it will promote your work and can encourage greater engagement. So please sign up via the link in the section's contact form folder in the resources module. The recources module can be found by logging onto your EUPHA account. 




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