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EPH 2023, Dublin, Ireland, pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2022, Berlin, Germany, workshops:

  • Injury Severity Classification and burden of disability measurement
  • Health care systems, health service provision, and equity in health
    Organised by: EUPHA-HSR, EUPHA-EPI
  • Research Methods for Public Health Oriented Health Services Research – what works where and for what?
    Organised by: EUPHA-HSR, EUPHA-HIA, EUPHA-HTA, EUPHA-EPI, EUPHA-ECO, EUPHA-PHPP, German Public Health Association Section Research, German Network Health Service
  • Quality of COVID-19 science: meta-research and the ethical implications for public health
    Organised by: EUPHA-EPI, EUPHA Research Pillar, EUPHA-ETH, EUPHA-PHG, EUPHA-HTA, UK Faculty of Public Health

EPH 2021, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

WCPH 2020, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Workshop: Harnessing the digital transformation of disease prevention: a focus on m-health and genomics (abstract)
    Organised with: EUPHA-PHG, EUPHA-DH, EUPHA-HP

EPH 2019, Marseille, France, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference: Demystifying causal inference and mediation methods for public health researchers with the EUPHA Researc Pillar advisor
  • Maternal & child health policy evaluation:utilising administrative data & natural experiment designs
  • Workshop Real-world data: are we ready to take up the challenge? 

EPH 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2017, Stockholm, Sweden pre-conferences/workshops:


2009 - 2014 The section participates in PHIRE (Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe), an EU-funded collaborative project for EUPHA member associations and Sections.

Activities in previous years:


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