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EUPHW 2022
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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022


Health throughout the life course



Thursday 19 May - No health without mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health and can influence one another. As it includes psychological, social and emotional well-being, it can be influenced by a variety of things, ranging from adversity over the life-course, stress at work, grief, and many more. How can we improve our mental health in the long-term?

Sub themes

These are subthemes to give you ideas and to stimulate your imagination. They do not limit the scope of the day themes. If you are having doubts on which day you should organise your event, email us at and our team will be happy to help you.

  • Public mental health interventions: prevention, promotion and resilience
  • The pervasive impacts of mental health-related stigma
  • Caring for the carers
  • Physical and mental health: working actively on one can improve the other
  • Lived experiences: young people and depression treatments
  • Digitalisation and mental health – Online and interrelated risks in the European region


Key messages

  • Mental health conditions begin early, with 50% of lifetime mental health conditions occurring by 14 years of age (Source: The Lancet).
  • There is no health without mental health. Mental health needs our daily attention just as much as physical health. (Source: EUPHW 2020 key messages)
  • Childhood is a key opportunity for prevention of mental health conditions, such as through parenting and family-based education, school-based interventions such as socioemotional learning and life skills training, and societal efforts to reduce economic inequities. (Source: The Lancet)
  • Look after yourself and be supportive to others. Assisting others in their time of need can benefit the person receiving support as well as the helper. (Source: EUPHW 2020 key messages)
  • Social adversities over the life course have not only short term but also long-term effects on mental health and social adversities in adolescence predict trajectories of internalised mental ill-health symptoms. (Source: European journal of public health)


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Partner of the Thursday: GAMIAN Europe

We're collaborating with GAMIAN Europe.
Together we will offically kick-off the fourth theme of the week: No health without mental health.

Join this kick-off event.