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EUPHW 2022
5 daily themes
How can I get involved?
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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022


Health throughout the life course



How can I get involved?


1) Event Host 

Learning from each others' experiences in different countries, promoting public health and sharing credible information is more important than ever. Also, other important public health themes should not be forgotten.

Whether you are an institution, a health professional or an ordinary citizen interested in one of this year's five EUPHW themes, you may organise your own event(s) on one or more days of the week. Here are some examples of online events:

  • Webinar lectures and seminars, panel discussions, debates or interviews. This can be online or in real life, depending on the guidelines of the national health authorities
  • Social media campaigns (e.g. Facebook Live sessions, Twitter chats, Q&A with experts)
  • Launch of videos, reports, summaries of previous events, and other publications and materials
  • Pre-recorded presentations in video format (E.g. slides + audio narration) 
  • Online challenges about a certain topic or goal
  • Online contests (e.g. photos on a specific topic)
  • Mass media interviews
  • Movie screenings / Facebook Watch parties
  • (Online) classes and workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Online training
  • Virtual networking events
  • Discussion on Twitter Spaces
  • Outdoor event in real life

Small or big, from local to global - everything is welcome! If you need help in setting up your event, please contact

Check the events from 2019, 2020 and 2021 for further inspiration. Submissions must be in line with EUPHA's Code of Conduct.

Event submission is now closed.

2) Disseminator 

Even if you are unable to organise your own event, spreading the word is also hugely important.

Our media toolkit will help you disseminate important public health messages and promote any EUPHW event, including the one(s) you may be hosting.

It includes ready-to-go visuals for you to share on social media, in English or in your local language. Alternatively you can simply share this website with your colleagues and friends.

Don't forget to use the official hashtag along the way on social media: #EUPHW


3) Participant

By joining EUPHW events and activities, you are contributing to the success of event hosts! Each day of the week is dedicated to a public health theme, so pick your favourite(s) and see which events are planned for that day.

The list of events can be found here.


Questions? Get in touch with us at

We look forward to hearing about your plans!