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EUPHW 2020
5 days, 5 themes & COVID-19
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European Public Health WEEK

11-15 May 2020


Submit your event

Please submit one form per event/day and complete it in English.

My event falls under the theme of:
   Promoting health through the Global Goals
   Primary care in the digital age
   Staying together for mental health
   Equal health for all
   Grow old, grow healthy
  If your event does not cover the themes above and focuses on COVID-19 only, please
  tick the box of the day on which the event will take place.

 The title of my event is (max. 7 words):
  What exactly will be happening?
  The title should be as descriptive and catchy as possible.
  If your event relates to the pandemic, please make sure the title includes 'COVID-19'. For example,
  'COVID-19: Discussion with Italian health professionals'

 Times of the event:
   Start:    end:    time zone:

 Event type:
       Lecture / Seminar     Conference     Roundtable discussion
       Panel discussion     Networking event     Game
       Outdoor activity     Webinar     Campaign
    or other  
  Following advice from international health authorities, we recommend hosting ONLINE
  events only.

 Event format:
  Following advice from international health authorities, we recommend hosting ONLINE
  events only.

 My event will be hosted in:
  Note: if your event takes place online only, please tick the box of the country where it is being
  organised. Your event will still appear on the list of events from other countries.
       Albania     Andorra     Armenia
       Austria     Azerbaijan     Belarus
       Belgium     Bosnia and Herzegovina     Bulgaria
       Croatia     Cyprus     Czechia
       Denmark     Estonia     Finland
       France     Georgia     Germany
       Greece     Hungary     Iceland
       Ireland     Israel     Italy
       Kazakhstan     Kyrgyzstan     Latvia
       Lithuania     Luxembourg     Malta
       Monaco     Montenegro     Netherlands
       North Macedonia     Norway     Poland
       Portugal     Republic of Moldova     Romania
       Russian Federation     San Marino     Serbia
       Slovakia     Slovenia     Spain
       Sweden     Switzerland     Tajikistan
       Turkey     Turkmenistan     Ukraine
       United Kingdom     Uzbekistan
    or outside Europe – please insert country name  

  If your event is in person, please indicate the city, venue and address where participants can
  find you.
  If the event is online or has live streaming, please provide a link.

 I expect the reach of my event to be:

 The main language of my event will be:
    or specify  

 Event description: (Max 50 words)
  Please include information to attract participants, such as: agenda/questions to be addressed;
  activities included; speakers; which audience(s) the event aims to target.

 More information and registration:
  (Please complete at least one of the following)
  Make it as easy as possible for participants to find, register for, and attend your event.
  These details will be made public for participants to be able to contact you and register.

   Event URL (e.g. your institution’s website, Facebook event page)
   Contact email for registration
   Additional contact details for registration
   Your / Your institution’s social media (Optional)

  Please provide links or @handles and specify which accounts they relate to
  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)

 Institution(s) involved:
  Please list institutions that should be acknowledged as co-organisers of your event.

By submitting this event, I consent that any photos about my event shared with the EUPHW Coordination Team or published on social media may be disseminated by EUPHA channels.

 Photo credits:
 If you would like your photos to be credited, please insert the name of who owns your event photos
 (e.g. your photographer, team or institution’s name)

 Please let us know how EUPHA can contact you should any questions arise:
 (The details below will NOT be shared on the website)

 By submitting this event, I allow EUPHA to share information about my activity on its media channels e.g. newsletters, website, social media: