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EUPHW 2021
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European Public Health WEEK

17-21 May 2021

Joining forces for healthier populations


Events for Poland

Below is a list of the events, click here to return to the search page.

Please note that the 'Online only' events listed on this page may be hosted outside this country, but are still accessible via online media (such as live streaming).

Please click one of the event types below or scroll down to see the available events.


This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

Online only

  HW237 - Dental public health response to homeless health in London (English)

  HW235 - Health in the virtual & digital world (English)

  HW234 - Co-creating health promotion in educational communities (English)

  HW233 - Social Networks for Health & Wellbeing (English)

  HW232 - Decarbonising the health sector (English)

  HW231 - Health Literacy: E-collection of papers published in the European Journal of Public Health (English)

  HW229 - United strenghts for healthier populations (Portuguese)

  HW228 - Cambridge Public Health Annual Showcase 2021 (English)

  HW227 - Preparing Lusophone countries to manage infodemics: a call to brainstorm solutions (Portuguese)

  HW226 - Connect Well - Sleep Unlimited by SPRING Social Prescribing (English)

  HW225 - Public Health Evidence to support decision making (English)

  HW224 - Communicating science and activities in public and community health (English)

  HW223 - Global health: Discussion with international medical students (English)

  HW222 - There is communication beyond COVID-19 | Contributions of science to health (Portuguese)

  HW221 - Students' safety talks (English)

  HW220 - Joining forces for healthier populations (Portuguese, Spanish)

  HW219 - Universal Heath Coverage (Portuguese, Spanish)

  HW218 - Global perspective of access to health care by local community (Portuguese, Spanish)

  HW217 - New Challenges in a Mental Health without Borders (Portuguese, Spanish)

  HW216 - Trends and marketing features of global and health tourism (Hungarian)

  HW215 - Changing family within a changing demographic context (Hungarian)

  HW214 - The profession of nurses in Hungary (Hungarian)

  HW213 - Health-supporting pilgrimage (Hungarian)

  HW212 - The search for health-related information on the internet (Hungarian)

  HW211 - Alcohol use during first wave of COVID-19 pandemics in Czechia (English)

  HW210 - SDG5 Key messages: we want your videos on gender equality and women's empowerment (English)

  HW209 - Health Inequality Determinants in pandemic, social justice and rights (English, Greek, Spanish)

  HW208 - Webinar - Communicating science and health (Portuguese)

  HW207 - COVID-19 and vulnerable groups (Greek)

  HW206 - Health inequalities in the period of COVID (Greek)

  HW205 - Webinar - Your local community (Portuguese)

  HW204 - Being the captain of our health and of our planets’ health (Portuguese)

  HW203 - Public health without exclusion (Greek)

  HW202 - How does the food chain affect people's health? (Greek)

  HW201 - Priorities for our health during the 1st year of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Greek)

  HW200 - Introduction to Pilates: Physical and Mental Benefits (Greek)

  HW199 - The Mental Health of Children and Parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Greek)

  HW198 - Webinar - New challenges in mental health (Portuguese)

  HW196 - Communication during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cyprus: What to learn? (English)

  HW195 - Webinar - All for one health (Portuguese)

  HW194 - Webinar - Leaving no one behind (Portuguese)

  HW193 - Transferring European Good Practices locally: SEEEPHI Project (English)

  HW192 - For leadership, we need a strong and united public health workforce (English)

  HW191 - Health Inequalities - understanding and actions in medical practice (Bulgarian)

  HW190 - Health literacy and infodemic (English)

  HW189 - Opportunities and challenges on waste management (Georgian)

  HW188 - Everything for Health (Georgian)

  HW186 - One for All and All for One! (English)

  HW185 - COVID-19 and Inequalities: recorded plenary session (English)

  HW184 - 15 minutes on health inequalities: recap, preview (English)

  HW183 - 15 minutes on health inequalities: smoke-free prisons (English)

  HW182 - 15 minutes on health inequalities: teenage pregnancy (English)

  HW181 - Food for feeding infants, offered on the Bulgarian market (Bulgarian)

  HW180 - Pro and contra „ZeroCovid“ in Germany (German)

  HW179 - Molds, mycotoxins and climate change (Bulgarian)

  HW178 - How to protect yourself against misinformation about health online (Bulgarian)

  HW177 - Health for at risk groups (Bulgarian)

  HW176 - Health Agencies’ Infodemics Challenges: Engagement Pre/During Pandemic (English)

  HW175 - Infodemic management activities within the PHIRI project (English)

  HW174 - Students and healthworkers communicating towards mental health (English)

  HW173 - Public mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic (English)

  HW172 - The ISS One Health Manifesto (English)

  HW171 - Multidisciplinary approaches to social determinants of AMR (English)

  HW164 - How to create age friendly health institutions? (Portuguese)

  HW163 - European Public Health Week 2020 Webinar (Portuguese)

  HW162 - Opinion Column about Leaving no one behind (Portuguese)

  HW161 - Opinion Column about All for one health (Portuguese)

  HW160 - Opinion Column about Your local community (Portuguese)

  HW159 - Opinion Column about New challenges in mental health (Portuguese)

  HW158 - Opinion Column about Communicating science and health (Portuguese)

  HW157 - Reducing health inequities - a priority for recovery? (English)

  HW156 - EJPH in video: food aid programme to improve household food insecurity (English)

  HW155 - Health Promotion in Educational Settings (Bulgarian)

  HW154 - EJPH in video: suicide impact of the Basaglia Law (English)

  HW153 - EJPH in video: NAVIDAD study on vaccines among pregnant women (English)

  HW152 - Population-based Integrated Care Networks: A boost for Public Health? (English)

  HW151 - Health risk assessment of seafood consumption (Bulgarian)

  HW150 - Addressing health inequities: an innovative framework (English)

  HW148 - Symposium Research Advances in Physical Activity for Health (Spanish)

  HW147 - Virtual Art Exhibition "ArtVSCancer" (English)

  HW145 - Supporting Health Workforce Mental Health and Resilience (English)

  HW144 - Financial burden of household arising from medicines (English)

  HW143 - ACEs and the importance of early supporting systems (German)

  HW142 - Research with Health Data - Perspectives beyond Corona (German)

  HW141 - Logopedical massage for people with communication disorders (Bulgarian)

  HW140 - “The Green Sea Yard of Varna” (Bulgarian)

  HW139 - Homelessness: is this a key public health priority? (English)

  HW138 - Infodemic: an interdisciplinary perspective (English)

  HW137 - Videopresentation: Austrian Data Platform COVID-19 (English)

  HW136 - Seminar-Students' perspective on nutritional disease prevention (English)

  HW135 - Policies to support vulnerable groups during the pandemic (English)

  HW133 - EUPHW Special Edition of the PHIRI Rapid Exchange Forums (English)

  HW132 - Caregiving dyads living with dementia during COVID-19 (English)

  HW130 - The One Health EJP- an exemplar of the One Health concept (English)

  HW129 - Health inequalities in the focus of the public health (Bulgarian)

  HW128 - Pandemic and health inequalities (Italian)

  HW127 - Antibiotic resistance (Italian)

  HW126 - Environment and health: the future is now! (Italian)

  HW125 - Potential and dangers of the digital world (Italian)

  HW124 - The perspective of a COVID-19 Contact Tracer (English)

  HW123 - What is well-being? Children's perspective (Swedish)

  HW122 - Night at the museum “Plantation of Public Health” (Russian)

  HW120 - Mental Health and Covid-19 (Georgian)

  HW119 - Antibiotic resistance and One Health (English)

  HW117 - Physiotherapists Communicating science and health (English)

  HW116 - Better together for Mental Health (English)

  HW114 - Public Health and History of Russian Medicine Online Test (Russian)

  HW113 - Climate action at public health schools in the European Region (English)

  HW112 - ÖGPH Webinar: Health determinants in Vienna (German)

  HW111 - ÖGPH Webinar: Intimacy, sexuality and solidarity during Covid-19 (German)

  HW110 - ÖGPH Webinar: Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on mental health (German)

  HW109 - Health literacy explored: the Occupational Therapy perspective (English)

  HW108 - Mindfulness for resilience and wellbeing workshop (German, English)

  HW107 - Youth activism and Universal Health Coverage Webinar (English)

  HW105 - One Health Projects Fair (English)

  HW104 - Local community health project in Nepal (English)

  HW103 - Mental Health & Burnout Q&A (English)

  HW102 - Science Communication - Social Media Campaign (English)

  HW101 - All for one health: The Youth Horizon (English)

  HW100 - Mental Health Crises; The Parallel Pandemic (English)

  HW99 - Contribution of Veterinary Medicine to Health - One Health (Portuguese)

  HW98 - COVID-19 pandemic impact in Academia (English)

  HW97 - Synergy of One Health and Public Health (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian)

  HW96 - Climate change and activities in local communities (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian)

  HW95 - SNIH Debate Night (English)

  HW94 - Unknown Future of Youth Mental Health (English)

  HW92 - All for one health (English)

  HW91 - Mental Health Forum - Challenges for Young Health Professionals (Serbian)

  HW89 - The future of Public Mental Health (English)

  HW88 - Digital tools help fight against anti-vaccination (Bulgarian)

  HW87 - Prevention of bad habits by raising awareness among adolescents (Bulgarian)

  HW86 - Developing multi-professional Education for promoting mental health (Bulgarian)

  HW85 - What Exactly is the Microbiome? (Bulgarian)

  HW83 - Science for Mothers during COVID-19 Times (Bulgarian)

  HW82 - Soil-transmitted helminthiasis and risks for regional environment (Bulgarian)

  HW81 - Global Health: Ukraine and Italy Experience (Ukrainian and English)

  HW80 - Social Prescribing Researchers Café (English)

  HW79 - Neglected parasitic diseases in humans: situation and prognosis (Bulgarian)

  HW78 - FEATURED: Infodemic management: from listening to public health action (English)

  HW77 - RECOVER-E: moving forward with community mental health care (English)

  HW76 - Impact of COVD 19 pandemic on child mental health in Bulgaria (Bulgarian)

  HW75 - Improving maternal and child health and development in Roma community (Bulgarian)

  HW74 - Six policy briefs to improve access to health and related social services (Romanian)

  HW73 - NSCCP. The story of a public health and networking project (Portuguese)

  HW72 - Cities and health: a long-life love affair (French)

  HW71 - STIs Management in Bulgaria: Contemporary Challenges (Bulgarian)

  HW70 - How to fight the Covid-19 disinformation (English)

  HW69 - FEATURED: COVID-19 & Health Inequalities: applying the lessons to deliver change (English)

  HW68 - Current debate of ethnic inequity in health in Norway and Denmark (English)

  HW67 - Pieces of a puzzle (English)

  HW65 - Support for rehabilitation after COVID-19 (English)

  HW64 - Master thesis: Closing the gap of health inequalities (German)

  HW63 - Integral Health care system 8.0 (German)

  HW62 - Health training in self-management of patients with CVD (Bulgarian)

  HW61 - Discussionround with Experts: How can we face new mental challenges? (German)

  HW60 - Health-in-all radio programme: Rethinking Health framing (German)

  HW59 - Impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Roma neighborhood (Bulgarian)

  HW58 - FEATURED: Sustainable and nutritious diets for healthier populations (English)

  HW57 - FEATURED: Local spaces and places: How healthy is your city? (English)

  HW56 - One Health Social Media Campaign (English)

  HW55 - Providing Tuberculosis Services to Migrants in Europe (English, Russian)

  HW54 - The contribution of health facilities to European public health communication (Portuguese)

  HW53 - Lunch conversations: Preparing the future health workforce (English)

  HW51 - Motivating health care specialists to embrace lifelong learning (Bulgarian)

  HW50 - The charity of the model of three of the crowned nurses in Europe (Bulgarian)

  HW49 - Opportunities for rehabilitation after Covid19 in an urban environment (Bulgarian)

  HW48 - One Health, Ethiopian Pastoralists and Climate Change (English)

  HW47 - Children's mental health on the line (English)

  HW46 - Bulgarian hospital care - challenges and realities (Bulgarian)

  HW45 - Integrated health and social services for vulnerable groups (Bulgarian)

  HW43 - Unleashing the Power of Law to Promote Better Health for All (English)

  HW38 - Principles and methods of health education for health promotion (Bulgarian)

  HW37 - Opening EUPHW in Bulgaria with an interview on BNRadio Horizon (Bulgarian)

  HW36 - Many emergencies, one one-health approach (Italian)

  HW35 - Effectiveness of health promotion on the control of COVID-19 pandemic (Bulgarian)

  HW32 - Covid-19 - challenge for the speech-language therapy (Bulgarian)

  HW30 - Nursing care for children with suspected COVID infection (Bulgarian)

  HW29 - Ensuring health preservation: new challenges&threats to drug safety (Russian)

  HW28 - Optimizing nurse`s activities in ICU, by using health care protocols (Bulgarian)

  HW27 - Let's take 15-simple exercises to take outdoors and improve mood (English)

  HW25 - Anthropometric measurements of adolescents in the city of Plovdiv (Bulgarian)

  HW23 - How has the practice of healthcare professionals changed? (Bulgarian)

  HW21 - FEATURED: COVID-19 impact on people with mental health conditions and beyond (English)

  HW19 - Session "Impact of the pandemic on public health in megacities" (Russian)

  HW16 - Public Health Technology Weeks - 2021 (Russian)

  HW15 - Public Health Technology Weeks - 2021 (Russian)

  HW14 - Public Health Technology Weeks - 2021 (Russian)

  HW13 - Public Health Technology Weeks - 2021 (Russian)

  HW12 - Photo elicitation community project (English)

  HW9 - Public Health Technology Week - 2021 (Russian)

  HW4 - Fighting misinformation in healthcare - the role of PR (Portuguese)

  HW3 - Celebrating the European Public Health Week (English)

  HW2 - Universal Health Coverage - The Roma Perspective (English)

  HW1 - The winners and the losers in COVID-19 immunization (English)

Please note that the details shown below are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.