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EUPHA Advisory bodies

EUPHA Past Presidents Committee

All past presidents of EUPHA become lifelong members of the Past Presidents Committee.

The Executive Council can request advice from the Past Presidents Committee, and can ask individual members to represent EUPHA in official situations.

The Past Presidents Committee can decide, by a majority of votes, to invite other past members of the Executive Council to become members of the Council of Past Presidents.

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Current members

Prof Peter Allebeck, Sweden

Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, Malta

Prof Louise Gunning-Schepers, Netherlands

Prof Ilmo Keskimäki, Finland

Prof Martin McKee, United Kingdom

Prof Klim Mcpherson, United Kingdom

Prof Alena Petráková, Czechia

Prof Walter Ricciardi, Italy

Prof Gunnar Tellnes, Norway

Prof John-Paul Vader, Switzerland

Dr Viviane Van Casteren, Belgium