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Public mental health Section of EUPHA


The EUPHA Public mental health section focuses on the knowledge of public mental health problems in Europe. The Section’s goals include to build a network of health professionals on mental health and mental disorders from a public health perspective; disseminate knowledge about risk factors and prevention of mental health disorders; and develop strategies to influence national and European policymakers and politicians to increase attention for mental health.

EUPHA Sections bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in the same field for knowledge sharing and capacity building. By joining this Section, you can exchange knowledge with your peers in the field of public mental health. You don’t need to be a EUPHA Member to join a Section.

We currently have 3355 section members.
It would be great to add you to those members!


Do you work in public mental health?

Promote your work through the European Public Health Journal, the European Public Health Conference and/or during the European Public Health Week.


The Team

President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marija Veniute Jakubauskiene 
Vice Presidents: Prof. Jutta Lindert, Prof. Johan Bilsen


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