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Aims of section
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The aim of the Section, is to bring together (health) care professionals that work with younger age groups - (youth) welfare workers, psychologists, educational scientists, (youth) health care professionals, but also paediatricians, psychiatrists, etc.. Together they are to add to the knowledge base regarding effective ways to influence health using collective approaches and irrespective of 'finding place'. This way youngsters that dropped out, skipped education, already have jobs or otherwise can not be reached through institutions for primary, secondary or tertiary education will also be included in these efforts. Studies are to be initiated on an international level to compare different techniques and interventions aimed at improving health, thus promoting evidence-based community medicine. Also, the way primary youth (health) care systems are organised are to be surveyed and used for international comparative research.
In short, for the 0 - 24 year age group, this Section is to:

  • bring together the various professionals engaged in furthering mental and physical health, reduce health inequalities and promote healthy lifestyles to advance the interdisciplinary exchange of relevant information and expertise;

  • increase the knowledge base regarding effective, evidence-based ways to influence health of the young in its broadest sense;

  • initiate and give guidance to international studies comparing different techniques and interventions aimed at improving  child and adolescent health;

  • encourage the use of standardised survey techniques for monitoring health;

  • at the annual EUPHA conferences and elsewhere, encourage presentation (and publication) of examples of above mentioned activities and techniques;

  • at the annual EUPHA conferences and elsewhere encourage presentation and publication of results of (international comparative) research into influencing health;

  • at EUPHA conferences, organise workshops on , among others, standardisation and comparative study techniques.


Recent News

30 March, 2020

2020 EU Health Award