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Objectives and action plan 2021

How will we achieve our aims?

The success of the CAPH Steering Group action plan in achieving our aims can be measured by achievements against the following deliverable objectives




Success Measure
(by/ when/ frequency)

Aim 1 Connect and exchange knowledge between CAPH members

Objective 1.1

Build CAPH network
academic capacity

Host a Join-The-Network

Conference 2021

Objective 1.2

Support CAPH members
skills building/ capacity

Mentor early career researchers
to draft research


Preconference support April
to October 2021



Peer review CAPH themed
abstracts submitted to EUPHA

Spring and Autumn 2021

Aim 2 To provide analysis on child and adolescent public health

Objective 2.1

Communicate relevant
and information

Publish 2-3 Newsletters a
year for members

x 2-3 per year
Spring and Autumn 2021



Organise and host CAPH
science themed events
and workshops

X 3-4 / year
May and November
conferences 2021



Email CAPH information
to members

x 6/ year

Aim 3 To advocate for child and adolescent health in all policies

Objective 3.1

Advocate for change in
CAPH policy and practice

Support CAPH and partner
organisation campaigns

X 2-3 / year
Vaccinate your child
Reopening Schools Plan
during COVID 19 

UNESCO Global Chair

Objective 3.2

Disseminate  information
for positive change for
CAPH policy

CAPH news using Twitter

@EUPHActs and relevant

Ad hoc across year



Support other EUPHA sections
in campaigns

X 1-2 / year

Aim 4 To translate science into action for child and adolescent health

Objective 4.1

Influence CAPH policy

Contribute evidence-based
position papers, review
and analysis

1-2/ year 2021

Objective 4.2

Evaluate our activities and
performance through
embedded review and change

Consult CAPH membership on
our performance and priorities
(questionnaire survey)




Interface with EUPHA Council
and other relevant sections

X 2 meetings all day per year 2021



Review performance and
develop action plan for 2022

Annually 2021


EUPHA 2020-2025 Vision and Strategy

We have aligned our activities with strategic aims of EUPHA

We welcome links with other EUPHA sections and wide collaboration with interested individuals

The EUPHA is the foremost umbrella organisation for public health professionals. Membership represents the broad public health community in Europe with 86 members from 47 countries, it is the largest network of public health professionals, covering nearly all countries of Europe as defined by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. EUPHA’s Climate change, ageing and inequality are ongoing threats fuelled by pandemics

Vision: to enable everyone in Europe to achieve the highest possible level of health by providing independent and authoritative analysis of the evidence, combined with targeted advocacy to achieve coordinated action by all key stakeholders.

The EUPHA mission: Achieving a triple A rating for health in Europe

Analysis To ensure that in all parts of Europe there is a strong evidence base, built on sustained investments in research capacity and data, as well as capacity for knowledge translation to support policies that impact on health;

Advocacy To identify, develop, and advocate for actionable policy recommendations in all sectors to improve health;

Action To support capacity-building and collaborations that can achieve public health action in practice.

Analysis signifies science rather than the mere availability of information. It defines knowledge that has passed ethical, rigorous and systematic inquiry to produce evidence that can be applied to current practice or policy strategy document here.


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