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This section was established in 2006 in Montreux.

The EUPHA section on Chronic Diseases (ESCD) was formally established at the 14th EUPHA annual conference in Montreux, Switzerland in 2006.

  • Chronic non-communicable diseases cause 86% of all deaths in Europe
  • Up to 40% of the EU population aged over 15 report a long-standing health problem related to chronic diseases
  • Up to 80% of health-care expenses are allocated to chronic diseases; i.e. cost of chronic diseases are in the billions of euros every year
  • The majority of chronic diseases can be prevented; 4 factors account for a majority of the burden of chronic diseases: tobacco, poor diets, alcohol and lack of physical activity

Strategies to fight chronic non-communicable diseases include (1) prevention and early detection, (2) health services reorientation, integrated care models, (3) disease management programmes, (4) new provider qualifications and settings, (5) surveillance, monitoring, evaluation and research strengthening.

Institutional and organizational challenges for policy-makers and managers involve (1) stimulating the development of new effective pharmaceuticals and medical devices, (2) designing appropriate financial incentives, (3) improving coordination, (4) using information and communication technology, and (5) ensuring evaluation.

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