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EPH 2021, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

WCPH 2020, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Workshop: Food processing in the modern era: implication for public health
    Organised with EUPHA-FN (abstract)
  • Workshop: Data analysis, advocacy activities, and actions to counteract the double burden of malnutrition
    Organised with EUPHA-FN, EUPHA-HP, WHO/Europe (abstract)
  • Workshop: How are digital solutions contributing to enhance immunization programmes and policies? (abstract)
  • Workshop: AMR and Cancer: Cross-cutting priorities for an integrated public health and primary care approach
    Organised with EUPHA -IDC and WFPHA (abstract)
  • Workshop: Behavioural insights and public health
    Organised by EUPHA Chronic Diseases Section, International Behavioural Trials Network, Pavol, Jozef Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia, WHO Regional Office for Europe (abstract)
    Chairpersons: Iveta Nagyova, Department of Social and Behavioural Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia, Prof Simon Bacon, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada & International Behavioural Trials Network – IBTN

EPH 2019, Marseille, France pre-conferences/workshops:



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  • Workshop: Behaviour change and knowledge translation: The unlocked potential to improve people’s health with WHO Euro and IBTN
  • Workshop: Innovative future meal services targeting old people in Europe with the Section Food and nutrition
  • Workshop: Capacity-building for implementing integrated care with the Scottish Government 

EPH 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2017, Stockholm, Sweden pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2016, Vienna, Austria pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2015, Milan, Italy pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2013, Brussels, Belgium pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2012, Malta pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark workshop:

EPH 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands pre-conferences/workshops:

Workshops at EPH conferences in years before:

Other section presentations:


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