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The section participates in PHIRE (Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe), an EU-funded collaborative project for EUPHA member associations and Sections.

The European Urban Health Indicator System (EURO-URHIS) project was funded by DG SANCO and commenced in 2006. The project developed a large network of over 60 urban areas in Europe.  The main objective was to describe a health indicator system at urban area level based on the European Community Health Indicators (ECHI) shortlist. DG Research has now funded EURO-URHIS 2 to collect urban health data and produce tools for policy makers to make evidence based decisions ( A most beneficial consequence of the EURO-URHIS projects was the establishment of a forum of multi-agency, multi-disciplinary experts in the field of urban health.  The forum felt that European urban health was far behind the progress made in North America and we needed a platform in which to collaborate to share, disseminate and integrate good practice, benchmark, produce high quality research and publications. Many of the members of the forum are also members of EUPHA and suggested that we seek election of a new section focusing on urban health. We would also benefit from joint working with many of the other EUPHA sections.

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