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The Public health policy and politics section has a unique focus on the processes of policymaking from agendasetting, to implementation and evaluation, and from the EU level down to the level of service providers or citizen initiatives, asking:

  • Who is involved?
  • How do they interact?
  • What are their issues?
  • Why do they bring them to the table, and why does it get accepted and implemented or not?


The PHPP Section aims at:

  1. Improving the understanding and management of the feasibility, acceptability and impact of health policies and governance systems
  2. Building linkages between different public health disciplines across the practitioner, policymaker and academic realms
  3. Capacity and skills building in public health policymaking and governance across the different EUPHA audiences.

These aims contribute to the implementation of the EUPHA strategy:
Objective 2. ‘to build capacity and knowledge’ and
Objective 3. ‘to prepare future generations of engaged and connected public health professionals for their leadership role in public health’ (

For more info about the Section Profile and Strategy, please click here.

The section changed its name in March 2019 from Public health practice and policy to Public health policy and politics.


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