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The aim of this section is to increase the knowledge base on factors that influence the occurrence of sickness absence and disability pension in general and due to different diagnoses, at individual or population levels, to get a base for health-promoting and preventive actions. This includes research within different scientific disciplines, from different perspectives, and with different scientific methods, both quantitative and qualitative, concerning both the occurrence and consequences of sickness absence, how physicians sickness certify, problems experienced by different professionals or the sick person regarding sickness absence, as well as economic or legislative aspects.

The section is to:

  • Promote and strengthen research on sickness absence and scientific exchange within the area.
  • Encourage the presentation of sickness-absence studies at the annual conferences of EUPHA. Oral presentation of abstracts should be brought together at the same sessions.
  • At each conference arrange a workshop on methodological, scientific and/or interventiv aspects regarding sickness absence.
  • Work for a high scientific standard of studies on sickness absence.
  • Encourage the publication of studies on sickness absence.
  • Map the existing sickness absence research in Europe and inform the researchers about the section and invite them to participate.
  • Arrange a pre-conference meeting for sickness-absence researchers in connection to the EUPHA annual conferences.


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