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Annual reports/meetings

EPH 2023, Dublin, Ireland, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference: Workplace sexual harassment: theory, measurement, consequences and prevention. For more information click here.
  • Workshop: Precarious employment and its impact on social protections in the EU

EPH 2022, Berlin, Germany, workshop:

  • Precarious employment and its impact on social protections in the EU 
    Organised by: EUPHA-SSWH

EPH 2021, Online event, pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2019, Marseille, France pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2017, Stockholm, Sweden pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference: Challenges when designing Social Security, Work and Health intervention studies.
  • Workshop: Ageing society: implications for the workforce – an international perspective om worker health

EPH 2016, Vienna, Austria pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2015, Milan, Italy pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2013, Brussels, Belgium pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2012, Malta pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark pre conference:

EPH 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands pre-conferences/workshops:

Workshops at other past EPH conferences:

Pre-conferences at other past EPH conferences:


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