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European Public Health Week

13-17 May 2024


Health is a political choice!




Thursday, May 16th - Health through the life course: Breaking down silos

Universal access to good and affordable health care is a major aspect that contributes to healthy individuals and societies. In addition, we are exposed to many (amenable) factors that impact our health - positively and negatively - along our life course. From the first crucial two years in healthy development to potential decline in functioning and health at a later age - there are many opportunities to prevent negative health outcomes and encourage positive health.

How can we encourage innovative and sustainable solutions for our health systems? How can politics drive equality in care access and health prevention that leaves no one behind?  How can we channel a ‘continuum lifespan’ approach?


Daily partners

Our daily partner on Thursday is the UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education. The daily partners and the supporting organisations develop and organise the kick-off event of each specific day.

Daily kick-off event

Event details will follow shortly!



These are sub-themes that give you ideas and stimulate your imagination. They do not limit the scope of the day's themes. If you are having doubts about which day you should organise your event, email us at and our team will be happy to help you.

  • Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through the life course
  • Access to medicines 
  • The first 1000 days 
  • Healthy ageing
  • 100 weeks (challenge) to the UN High-Level Summit on NCDs

On route to Lisbon: Innovation focus

  • Innovation for intergenerational solidarity
  • Health data and AI through the life course
  • Innovation in health systems management
  • Innovation for care integration


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If you are unable to organise your own event, spreading the word is also hugely important. Have a look at the media toolkit to share the message of the European Public Health Week 2024. 

Of course, you can also join any of the 2024 EUPHW events. The events calendar is accessible through this link.

For more details, please see our "Get involved" page.


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