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EUPHW 2022
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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Events for Serbia

Below is a list of the events, click here to return to the search page.

Please note that the 'Online only' events listed on this page may be hosted outside this country, but are still accessible via online media (such as live streaming).

Please click one of the event types below or scroll down to see the available events.


This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

Events with a star are highlighted by EUPHA.

Please check the time zones here.


  HW41 - Reading healthy

  HW46 - Books exhibition on the topic of preserving the health of youngsters

  HW132 - Your Health Depends on You
      EUPHA Featured: First aid class by the Red Cross

  HW143 - "Open door to open the soul"

  HW47 - Ecological workshop for children
      EUPHA featured event: out-of-the-box idea

  HW131 - Prevent peer violence and improve mental health

  HW43 - Education Healthy Workplace for healthcare professionals

In-person with live streaming

  HW128 - Healthy Youth Healthy Future

  HW153 - Prevention strategy/ Campaign on HPV immunization

Online only

  HW220 - Online panel discusion “A healthy and health literate youth”

  HW130 - Facts about children vaccination

  HW222 - Online panel discussion “ Vaccination as key prevention strategy”

  HW169 - Students' suggestions for improving pharmaceutical waste management

  HW73 - Climate change & health: Belgrade Hot Topic

  HW259 - Online panel Climate change affects our health

  HW197 - Managing managers in mental health

  HW198 - Managing managers mental health

  HW224 - Panel discussion "No health without mental health"

  HW133 - Mental Health Forum – Open panel discussion
      EUPHA featured: interesting events for all students in Serbia

  HW260 - Building resilient health systems

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.