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EUPHW 2022
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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022

Health throughout the life course


Events for United Kingdom

Below is a list of the events, click here to return to the search page.

Please note that the 'Online only' events listed on this page may be hosted outside this country, but are still accessible via online media (such as live streaming).

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This list is in chronological order, starting with the events that begin earlier in the day.

Events with a star are highlighted by EUPHA.

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  HW65 - The board of misinformation

  HW66 - The vaccination timeline

  HW67 - Guess the carbon footprint

  HW68 - Six ways to wellbeing

  HW69 - The cultural iceberg

In-person with live streaming

  HW192 - Film and mental health
      EUPHA featured: interesting discussion

Online only

  HW53 - Kick-off event: A Healthy & health literate youth
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner ASPHER.

  HW119 - Youth for Health Literacy - Polygeia

  HW232 - Pocket book of primary health care for children and adolescents
      EUPHA featured: interesting materials from WHO

  HW207 - Policy Evaluation for the Early Years

  HW180 - Creative Insights: young people’s perspectives on health inequalities

  HW233 - “Nothing about us, without us” – Tips for policy-makers on child and adolescent participation in policy development

  HW234 - Young people and mental health – House of Swag

  HW235 - Behavioural and cultural insights shed light on how the pandemic has left youth behind

  HW236 - Health literacy in the context of health, well-being and learning outcomes the case of children and adolescents in schools

  HW59 - Webinar: A healthy and health literate youth

  HW124 - Meaningful Youth Participation in Global and Public Health

  HW256 - Podcast: Schooling during COVID-19

  HW54 - Kick-off event: vaccination as key prevention strategy
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner ECDC.

  HW120 - Youth for Vaccination - Polygeia

  HW181 - Waning of the AstraZeneca vaccine

  HW237 - HPV vaccination brings the WHO European Region closer to a cervical cancer-free future

  HW238 - Guidance on vaccination for countries hosting refugees from Ukraine

  HW239 - European Immunization Agenda 2030
      EUPHA featured: Interesting report and video by WHO

  HW240 - Get the facts, get the HPV vaccine!

  HW121 - Youth for Climate Action - Polygeia

  HW163 - Climate change, sustainability and ageing – worlds apart?

  HW122 - Youth for Mental Health Awareness - Polygeia

  HW52 - Kick-off event: No health without mental health
      Kick-off event of EUPHA's day partner GAMIAN Europe.

  HW164 - Podcast: The mental health of carers

  HW241 - WHO European framework for action on mental health (2022)

  HW242 - Tobacco use and mental health – fact sheet

  HW243 - The path to a better health is possible

  HW244 - The WHO European Region speaks with one voice on the need to improve mental health systems

  HW245 - Protecting the mental health of health workers

  HW83 - Podcast: mental health disorders among migrants

  HW84 - Podcast: Self-guided digital interventions for individuals at risk of suicide

  HW246 - Coping with mental health challenges during COVID-19: stories from Hungary

  HW247 - Voices from across the Region at the launch of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition

  HW248 - Mental health and young people: House of Swag performs for WHO/Europe

  HW249 - Mental health during COVID-19: Stories of resilience from Albania

  HW251 - Mental health, men and culture: how do sociocultural constructions of masculinities relate to men’s mental health help-seeking behaviour

  HW254 - Podcast: Ensuring the health and well-being of people in prison

  HW257 - Podcast: The voices of health workers

  HW258 - Staying mentally healthy during hard times – A nurse’s personal advice

  HW123 - Youth for Resilient Health Systems - Polygeia

  HW252 - Health systems resilience during COVID-19: Lessons for building back better

  HW253 - Roadmap to professionalizing the public health workforce in the European Region

  HW140 - Podcast: in conversation with Community Champions (RSPH)

  HW141 - Podcast: in conversation with the Health Foundation (RSPH)

  HW151 - Involving young people in public health
      EUPHA Featured: EUPHA involved event

  HW255 - Podcast: Building fairer, healthier societies part one: an interview with Public Health Wales

Please note that the details shown are provided to us by the organisers of the activities and as such EUPHA cannot be deemed responsible for any of the events. Please check with the organiser for further information.