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The Team
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Annual reports/meetings

EPH 2019, Marseille, France, pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Pre-conference:Health Promotion principles as foundations for solidarity and public health
  • Workshop: Health literacy and life skills: children and adolescents’ tools for health promotion
  • Workshop: Health Literacy in the workplace: from health literate organizations to resilient individuals
  • Workshop: A methodology for monitoring population health literacy in Europe – the HLS19 project with Austrian Public Health Institute
  • Workshop: Health literacy: an asset to public health policy with Bielefeld University, NIVEL, CAPHRI at Maastricht University, Newcastle University, Global Health Literacy Academy, M-POHL Network WHO
  • Workshop: Online anti-vaccination movements: the role of social media in public health communications with Digital Public Health and section on Infectious diseases control
  • Workshop: Better ask those who are concerned: co-creation in participatory epidemiology and health promotion with EUPHA Public health monitoring and reporting section, Robert Koch Intistute, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Workshop: Tools and opportunities for health promotion with THL, EuroHealthNet, EU JointAction ChrodisPlus, and Injury prevention section

EPH 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Workshop: Sin tax or syntax: how to promote healthy lifestyles 
  • Workshop: Towards new possibilities: Health literacy in the regional, national, European, and global context
  • Architecture and Urban Context's Design Strategies to Promote City Users' Healthy Behaviours 

EPH 2017, Stockholm, Sweden pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2016, Vienna, Austria pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2015, Milan, Italy pre-conferences/workshops:

  • The added value of participation in health promotion: Examples and critical assessment

EPH 2013, Brussels, Belgium pre-conferences/workshops:

  • Context matters: Social and cultural factors in health promotion research

EPH 2012, Malta pre-conferences/workshops:

EPH 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands pre-conferences/workshops:

At other previous EPH Conferences:


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25 November, 2020

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