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Published: 6 December 2020

Dear Section Members,

We had 2 successful workshops and one roundtable during the latest World Congress on Public Health held this year in digital form. We also had an interesting “first talk” during the annual join the network meeting of the Section, leading to the idea of preparing some documents of interest for public health nutrition as lead activity of the Section during the next year.

Please find enclosed the minutes of the meeting. Those who showed interest for the project will receive soon enough a personal email to start organizing the activities.

If you did not propose yourself during our previous survey and you did not attend the annual meeting, but you still want to be involved, please directly email me.



EPHA and EUPHA are working together on a joint project, aiming to enhance the health dimension in the Farm-to-Fork strategy. Some activities have already been conducted, including a survey among the general population, a literature review and a webinar.

The plan is now to conduct interview with health ministries representatives across Europe, to understand through what processes and with what degree of impact are government health departments (both national and regional) involved in the formulation of national responses to EU food and farming policies.

We would like to mobilize our national public health associations for conducting those interviews, so please be in touch if you are interested, if you want more details or if you have ideas of colleagues who might be interested themselves by reaching out some of the people involved:



The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is calling candidates for its European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme 2021-2022. The deadline for the application is set by 15 January 2021 at midnight (local time). The opening proposal is available on this website:


The World Health Organization (WHO9 is call for authors for scoping reviews for updating iron, vitamin A, folate and magnesium requirements in children aged 0-36 months. The deadline for the application is set by 15 December 2020. The opening proposal is available on this website:


PhD scholarship for research project - Food Policy @ Sciensano [the institute resulting from the merging of the former Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) and the Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA)] available at this website:


Best wishes, 

On behalf of the EUPHA FN section

Giuseppe Grosso

President of the EUPHA Food and Nutrition Section


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