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Published: 7 March 2021


dratva (1)  

Professor Sonia Saxena

President of CAPH EUPHA

Professor Dr Julia Dratva 

Vice President of CAPH EUPHA

Welcome from your President and Vice President

 Dear EUPHA-CAPH members, 

In spring 2021, we hope for a brighter future for children, young people, friends, family, and ourselves. We will need all our superpowers to survive this plague and its impacts so that we bounce back stronger and build a better future for all. As your newly elected President and Vice President, we are excited to help meet this challenge and keen to share with you our revised goals strategy and action plan for CAPH over the coming years. We have a wonderful group of six people on the steering committee and the wisdom of the EUPHA Council and other Sections behind us. 

You can help us make our goals a reality and learn from the exchange that being part of CAPH offers. For example, we are honoured to be involved in two paneuropean campaigns during 2021. The first is a simple ‘Vaccinate Your Child’ campaign to keep routine vaccination rates up in children that fell dramatically across the world during the containments of 2020. The second is a grass roots consultation to ‘Reopen schools safely during COVID19’. You can take part in the European Public Health Week in May. The main event of the year is our November conference that again will be held virtually this year, abstract submission is now open. This means that you can already start to plan your participation. We will be sharing more details in our forthcoming newsletter, emails and the results of our member survey questionnaires completed in 2020. 

These are so far some of our ideas, and we are certain that, with your active participation, we will be able to strengthen the impact of the section across the 47 EUPHA countries. Unless the internet breaks, the spread of ideas will not be held back by curfews or border controls, so imagine the effect this could have on our precious next generation. 

We hope that you are all willing to join us in this important work and look forward to seeing many of you at conferences across the year

Warm regards, 

Professor Sonia Saxena President-Elect and Professor Dr Julia Dratva, Vice President 

On behalf of the Child and Adolescent Health Section Steering committee

CAPH 2021 – The year ahead 


17-21 May European Public Health Week

This is a week-long virtual conference that you can join – by emailing with the subject "subscribe EUPHW" 

European Public Health Conference 2021 (in virtual Dublin) 

We want to encourage you as members of the Child and Adolescent Public Health (CAPH) to submit your work as abstracts for the 14th European Public Health Conference during 10 - 12 November 2021. Abstract submission opened this month deadline 1 May 2021. Please share widely in your networks. 

We are proposing two CAPH led workshops this year - school health and mental health in adolescents. If you are interested in being considered for inclusion in a CAPH themed workshop, you are welcome to submit titles and draft abstracts to us by 31 March Sonia Saxena ( and Julia Dratva ( We hope also to see as many of you as possible at the Join The Network meeting. 

There are many other opportunities to learn skills and participate with other sections for idea exchange with nearly 30 other special interest groups. 

Tell us about your work 

As a member you can expect to receive 2 newsletters in April and September. Please contribute anything you wish to appear as short articles 150 words max with any graphics/ pictures to convey the message to ( before the end of March and August 2021 respectively 

If you have something special to tweet about don’t forget to link to our twitter handle @CAPHEUPHA so we can help to share. 

Advocacy and action 

This year we are partnering 2 major health campaigns during the COVID 19 pandemic

'Vaccinate Your Child' Campaign 

Support CAPH and the European Academic Paediatrics Society EAPs ‘

 3 steps link here

1. Download the message in any European language 

2. Take a selfie 

3. Post. Do not forget to tag @CAPHEUPHA on twitter 


Reopen schools safely consultation

The first WHO checklist advising on core standards to reopen schools safely after teh initial pandemic phase was published in December 2020. It is now your chance to take part in a consultation about the next phase. We are partnering The UNESCO Chair in Global Health and Education (WHO Collaborating Centre) and want your views Take the Survey of health professionals


school survey



Access emerging evidence related to COVID-19 and 

  • • Child health (from neonates to adolescents) 
  • • Maternal health (pregnant women, women of reproductive age) 
  • • Breastfeeding and Infant feeding 
  • • Nutrition (related to MCH) 

Johns Hopkins has updated their scientific repository. Since the last update Tuesday, 23 February 2021 we have added 121 NEW publications for February (53 new), January (23 new), December (28 new), November (2 new), October (2 new), September (2 new), August (2 new), July (2 new), June (3 new), and May (4 new). 

Click here to view

Many new publications focus on COVID-19, pregnancy, and neonatal health. Several new publications report the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on child and adolescent health. 

To subscribe- contact Mija-Tesse Ververs Emergency Response and Recovery Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore 


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