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PRECeDI - Personalised medicine for disease prevention 

Medical practitioners are increasingly adopting a 'personalised medicine' (PM) approach involving individually tailored patient care. PRECeDI  has been fostering collaboration on PM research and training, with special emphasis on the prevention of chronic diseases.

PRECeDI has been successfully completed with a final conference ‘Recommendations for Personalized Medicine: the contribution of PRECeDI in the field of prevention’, hosted in Brussels on 7 November 2018. Read the Report and Recommendations here.

The conference gathered  experts who discussed how current scientific research in the field of personalized medicine can be adopted for the definition of effective prevention strategies, with the final aim of contributing to improve the health of the European citizens.

During this event, final recommendations on “how to integrate personalized medicine in the field of prevention” were presented and discussed. Personalized medicine has become a reality through the use of biomarkers and more and more sophisticated technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. Yet, the development and implementation of such preventive approaches need a clearer definition of their operative framework, and investments that can support high value and concerted efforts for a fair implementation of health systems. A change is furthermore indispensable in the role of health professionals and patients, with a shift from a paternalistic to a participatory approach.

The recommendations that were developed by the PRECeDI consortium, and that regard the five scientific domains of the project, were also presented and discussed during the European Public Health Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, held from 28 November - 1 December 2018.

Personalisation of healthcare is a driver of innovation in research, healthcare systems and industry. Policy makers, healthcare professionals, citizens, and private companies need proper advice to realize its potential. The Personalized pREvention of Chronic DIseases consortium (PRECeDI) is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Action (MSCA) project funded within the European Union’s Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) scheme that aimed at providing high-quality, multidisciplinary knowledge through training and research in Personalized Medicine (PM), with specific reference to personalized prevention of chronic diseases. PM approaches are already being implemented especially in the fields of disease diagnosis and treatment with the use of biomarkers, however, development and implementation of such approaches for chronic disease prevention needs further investigation and concerted efforts for proper implementation in healthcare systems.

More information on the PRECeDI website. More information on EUPHA's role in PRECeDI.