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The Digital health section in EUPHA was established to cover the many ways in which modern ICT and public health interact. Increasingly health services are dependent on digital tools, and a very wide range of tools are on offer, for a myriad of purposes. These tools go beyond public health, into health care, and self-care, but we take the view that a public health perspective on the digitisation of care and delivery of services will be of value.

Possible areas of focus include health artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, virtual and augmented reality for public health, mHealth, Electronic Health Records, data standards, data governance and privacy, data for public health surveillance, evaluating, and building frameworks to evaluate, proposed digital health solutions, especially ‘big data’ tools, personal data and data for system management.

The value for EUPHA to have a section specifically focused on this, is to help European Public Health form an integral part of the development and evolution of such digital health solutions and ensure an equitable ecosystem, where Digital Health is for everyone and not just the privileged few. That is Digital Health for All.

Prof Anna Odone, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

Dr Stefan Buttigieg, Malta Association of Public Health Medicine, St. Paul's Bay, Malta

Prof Anthony Staines, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland


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