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EUPHA Digital Health Section


The EUPHA Digital health section was established to cover the many ways in which modern information and communication technologies (ICT) and public health interact. By focusing on areas such as health artificial intelligence, Electronic Health Records and data for public health surveillance, the Section aims to help European public health be an integral part of digital health solutions, ensuring Digital Health for All.

EUPHA Sections bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in the same field for knowledge sharing and capacity building. By joining this Section, you can exchange knowledge with your peers in the field of digital health. You don’t need to be a EUPHA Member to join a Section.

The EUPHA Digital health section is part of the European Commission’s eHealth Stakeholder Group. In March 2023, the EUPHA’s membership was renewed for the 2023-2026 mandate. For more information click here.

We currently have 1882 section members.
It would be great to add you to those members!


Do you work in digital health?

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The Team

President: Prof Anna Odone
Vice President: Dr Stefan Buttigieg


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