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Published: 15 March 2022

Dear colleagues,

As the world is still facing the natural disaster of the COVID 19 pandemic we are now faced with a catastrophic man-made disaster – the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We witness human rights violations and suffering that has great implications for health and mental health. Several organizations in the field of Public Health and Epidemiology have published statements such as EUPHA, ASPHER and the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology.

Mental health is be a crucial part of health where members of the Public Mental health section can provide support and health. In the shadow of the invasion to the Ukraine, we continue our efforts to further develop practice and research in Public Mental Health. At this moment, we would like to give you information on the upcoming EPH conference in Berlin, November 9-12 2022. You can find the website at Abstract submission is open and deadline is May 1, at 18.00 CET.

EUPHA Public mental health section 2022

We plan several activities at the EUPHA – conference in Berlin, such as a preconference and workshops.

  • Preconference on November 9th (the “ Night of the Broken Glasses”) remembering the past which is not past. Contributions are welcome! Please contact Jutta Lindert.
  • Additionally, we plan several workshop submissions in collaboration also with other EUPHA sections. Topics of the workshops are based on the discussion with section members in 2021. At the moment we plan workshops on a variety of topics including
    1. COVID and mental health
    2. War and mental health
    3. Child abuse and mental health
    4. Gender based violence and mental health of women and children
    5. Suicide epidemiology and prevention
    6. Youth mental health
    7. Mental health over the life course and
    8. Ageism and mental health of older individuals.

We welcome further input and encourage all of you to contact us: Jutta Lindert, vice-president, email:; Johan Bilsen, vice-president; email: Johan.bilsen@vub,be and Marija Jakubauskiene, president, email:

We hope that you are interested in contributing to one of the workshops of the Public Mental Health Section. We encourage you, therefore, to send us your abstract latest until April 1st. We will set up workshops and submit the abstracts as joint workshops. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!

Kind regards,

Jutta Lindert
Section Vice-President