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Published: 17 October 2022

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to our section event to be held during the 15th European Public Health Conference between 9-12 November 2022 in Berlin, Germany. We encourage young researchers, community workers, policy makers, academics, and public health practitioners to register and join the discussion on injury prevention and safety promotion.


Workshop: Injury Severity Classification and burden of disability measurement

Saturday 12th November 2022, Time: 11:40-12:40 CET, Beta 1


  • EUPHA Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion
  • EUPHA Public Health Epidemiology
  • EUPHA Public Health Monitoring & Reporting
  • EUPHA Public Health Economics

Abstract: A wide variety of measures are available to track outcomes after injury in various health domains. Reaching consensus is an important step in benchmarking of outcomes across institutions and injury types to improve quality and advance the field of injury care. Modern, validated measures that are feasible and usable in both research and clinical contexts are needed to facilitate the improvement of quality and comparability of research.

The workshop aims to discuss trends and variation of injury burden, which is critical to health system planning. The high human and societal costs as well as inequalities of injury mortality and burden will be highlighted based on comparisons with long-term trends. The workshop will discuss the latest developments in injury severity classification and disability measurement. The most efficient measures to calculate the valid burden of injuries will be presented and compara tive measurements across EU countries will be promoted. Limitations of injury classifications and factors introducing uncertainty and potential bias in estimation of disability, will be identified. 
The workshop will contribute to the identification of evidence-informed tools and measurements of injury burden.


Severity in a Norwegian hospitalized injury material (N=177,663) by two severity measures: threat-to-life and threat of disability
Johan Lund – Norway - EUPHA (INJ)

Methodological considerations when assessing the Burden of Disease due to injuries
Robby De Pauw - Belgium

Quantification the cost of injuries
Juanita Haagsma - Netherlands



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Interesting studies

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  • Global, regional, and national burden of diseases and injuries for adults 70 years and older: systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease 2019 Study. BMJ. 2022; 376. March 2022. Access: HERE


Funding opportunities

  • Effective fight against trafficking in human beings.
    HORIZON-CL3-2022-FCT-01-07. Type: HORIZON Innovation Actions. Opening date: 30 June 2022. Deadline date 23 November 2022. More information: HERE
  • Data Collection on Violence and Related Human Rights Abuses Against Women Fleeing the War in Ukraine. Programme ID: D-SE-22-T08.  Type of action: Services. Opening date: 14 October 2022. Deadline date: 14 November 2022. More information: HERE
  • Improved quality assurance / quality control of data used in decision-making related to risk management of natural hazards, accidents and CBRN events. Program ID: HORIZON-CL3-2022-DRS-01-03. Type of action: HORIZON-IA HORIZON Innovation Actions. Opening date: 30 June 2022. Deadline date: 23 November 2022. More information: HERE


Best regards,
Maria Papadakaki, President EUPHA INJ
LaHeRS & PHC-HMU, Hellenic Mediterranean University

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