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Published: 19 October 2023

Dear Section members,

We are happy to share the re-election results for the second 3-year term of section President Els Maeckelberghe. Congratulations Els!


Join the network meeting at EPH Conference

For those that have registered for the EPH Conference in Dublin, which is held from 8-11 November, you can meet Els during the section's Join the network meeting on Friday 10 November from 12:50 – 13:50 in room Wicklow Hall 1. We look forward to seeing you there!

Workshops at EPH Conference

The section is (co)organising six workshops. 

Thu 9th 09:00-10:00 in Liffey Hall 2
1.B. - Workshop: Exploring vaccine hesitancy in Europe: understanding complexities and determinants
Organised by EUPHA Public Health Epidemiology; EUPHA Ethics in Public Health; EUPHA Infectious Disease Control; UK Faculty of Public Health
Chairperson(s): Angelo Maria Pezzullo (EUPHA-EPI), Farhang Tahzib (EUPHA-ETH)

  • Vaccine hesitancy in Europe: the long and winding road - Chiara Cadeddu (Italy)
  • Socioeconomic inequalities in the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination in Hungary; context and public health implications - Beatrix Oroszi (Hungary)
  • Vaccine hesitancy among migrants and refugees in Europe: from the local to global perspective - Maria Ganczak (Poland)
  • Delving into vaccine hesitancy through multicentre studies: VAX-TRUST and INF-ACT projects’ insights - Giuseppina Lo Moro (Italy)
  • The value of BAME health professional networks in tackling vaccine hesitancy - Samia Latif (United Kingdom)

Thu 9th 10:30-11:30 in  Wicklow Hall 2A
2.H. - Pro/con workshop: Whether AI will decrease health inequalities or deepen them?
Organised by EUPHA Ethics in Public Health Section
Chairperson(s): Farhang Tahzib (EUPHA-ETH), Monica Brînzac (EUPHAnxt)
Silviya Yankulovska (Bulgaria)
Els Maeckelberghe (EUPHA-ETH)

Thu 9th  16:40-17:40 in Liffey Hall 1
4.A. - Workshop: Public health interventions to counteract unhealthy diets towards a better consumer knowledge
Chairperson(s): Els Maeckelberghe (EUPHA-ETH), Orkan Okan (EUPHA-HP)

  • Nutritional and non-nutritional content in food: targets for front-to-package labels - Giuseppe Grosso (EUPHA-FN)
  • Front-to-package labels relevance for policy: the Nutri-Score as case study - Serge Hercberg (France)
  • Regulatory approaches to front-of-pack nutrition labelling - Nikhil Gokani (EUPHA-LAW)
  • Advantages of harmonised front-of-pack nutrition labelling for stakeholders - Amandine Garde (EUPHA-LAW)
  • Food and Nutrition Literacy as means to fight against inequalities in diet and nutrition - Guglielmo Bonaccorsi (Italy)

Fri 10th 15:10-16:10 in  Wicklow Meeting Room 5
7.Q. - Round table: Is public health possible when LGBTQI+ individuals are criminalised? A roundtable and call to action
Chairperson(s): Arjan van der Star (EUPHA-SGMH), David Patterson (Netherlands)
David Patterson (Netherlands)
Arjan van der Star (EUPHA-SGMH)
Els Maeckelberghe (EUPHA-ETH)
Elena Petelos (EUPHA-HTA)

Sat 11th 11:40-12:40 in  Liffey Meeting Room 3
10.E. - Round table: Public health and climate change: a litigation toolkit for public health practitioners
Organised by EUPHA-LAW, EUPHA-ENV, EUPHA-ETH, EUPHA Global Health, Faculty of Public Health (UK), Groningen Centre for Health Law
Chairperson(s): Chiara Cadeddu (Italy), Brigit Toebes (Netherlands)
David Patterson (Netherlands)
Farhang Tahzib (EUPHA-ETH)
Scott Burris (United States)
Anya Gopfert (United Kingdom)
Monica Brînzac (EUPHAnxt)

Sat 11th 13:50-14:50 in  Liffey B
11.G. - Skills building seminar: Navigating the ocean of data: unpacking ethical values in Health Technology Assessment
Chairperson(s): Chiara de Waure (EUPHA-HTA), Jinane Ghattas (EUPHAnxt)
Elena Petelos (EUPHA-HTA)
Pietro Refolo (Italy)
Els Maeckelberghe (EUPHA-ETH)
Wija Oortwijn (Netherlands)

More details about the Conference programme can be found here. Click here for the EPH Conference website. Follow the link for registration of a pre-conference or the full conference here.