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EUPHA brochure (updated June 2008)

EUPHA poster (February 2008)

10 Statements on the future of public health in Europe, EUPHA report 2004-1

EUPHA as a key player in public health in Europe, published in Going International, June 2007

The future of public health in Europe: should EUPHA expand its activities even more? Pp 251-255 in Public health in Österreich und Europa – Festschrift anlässlich der Emeritierung von Univ.-Prof. Horst Richard Noack PhD. Martin Sprenger, editor. Pabst Science publishers, 2005.

Supporting the public health associations as key links between government, the scientific community and the population in Central and Eastern Europe: report of the SOROS foundation – EUPHA project. Pp 325-332 in: Urbanisation and health: new challenges in health promotion and prevention. Gunnar Tellnes, editor. Unipubforlag, 2005

EUPHA statement: EU enlargement: a public health assessment, published in 2002

EUPHA statement: Public health research, published in 2002