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EUPHActs is a two page summary on important health issues. Using the expertise in our network, EUPHActs are set up by EUPHA Office in collaboration with EUPHA members, especially with the EUPHA section presidents. This format of communicating is mainly aimed at policymakers. EUPHActs can be used by our members in their own networks either in English or in translated format.


EUPHActs 2015-2: Health of Asylum Seekers


EUPHActs 2014-1: Health monitoring and information


EUPHA Factsheet on the EU Data Protection Regulation (18 December 2013) 


EUPHActs 2013-1: Injury prevention needs data 


EUPHAcst 2012-1: The use of personal health data and data protection


EUPHActs 2011-2: Health Impact Assessment


EUPHActs 2011-1: Environment and health