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Portuguese Society of Public Health

The Portuguese Society of Public Health (SPSP - Sociedade Portuguesa de Saúde Pública) was founded in May 2022, by experts from different fields related to public health, such as environmental, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, and biomedical sciences. The multidisciplinary and scientific nature of our work defines and distinguishes our organisation.
The goals of the newly founded Portuguese Society of Public Health, as stated on our website (, currently only in Portuguese) and constitution, are the following:

  1. To promote research and develop initiatives in public health, namely by organising, sponsoring and/ or supporting scientific conferences and meetings.
  2. To collaborate with other associations of public health, or relevant to public health, national and international.
  3. To cooperate with national institutions to provide expert scientific advice regarding specific topics which are relevant to the health of populations
The Association is a member of EUPHA since March 2023.

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Portuguese Society of Public Health
Ms Maria Rita Paiva Pessoa
Portuguese Society of Public Health
Largo Professor Arnaldo Sampaio, Centro de Saúde Sete Rios, 150
1500 Lisbon

Current members: 117