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JA WholEUGrain

A European Action on Whole Grain partnerships

The European Action on Whole Grain Partnership aims to transfer Danish experiences with a national Whole Grain Partnership to other European countries, mainly the countries involved in the project – but also by involving other countries and stakeholders, aimed to increase the population's whole grain consumption. The overall objectives are:

  • promote good health through healthy diets
  • prevent diseases
  • reduce inequalities
  • establish supportive environments for healthy lifestyles by developing country-based whole grain public/private partnerships

The project runs for three years, starting from November 2019.

The WholEUGrain project partners are from four countries: Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

WholEUGrain receives funding from the European Union’s 3rd Health Programme (grant agreement number 874482).

EUPHA is contracted to conduct the external evaluation of the project.

Project website: