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InfAct (Information for Action), the Joint Action on Health Information

InfAct (Information for Action) is a 36 months project funded by the European Commission. It builds on the BRIDGE Health project and other initiatives in health information. The project was launched in March 2018. It includes 40 partners in 28 EU and associated countries. Through country collaboration, InfAct streamlines health information activities across Europe. It builds towards a sustainable and solid infrastructure on EU health information and strengthens its core elements based on capacity building, health information tools and political support.

The mission of InfAct is to build a stronger EU health information system infrastructure and strengthen its core elements. InfAct aims to strengthen national and EU health information systems by:

  1. Establishing a sustainable research infrastructure to support population health and health system performance assessment,
  2. Strengthening European health information and knowledge bases, as well as health information research capacities to reduce health information inequalities,
  3. Supporting health information interoperability and innovative health information tools and data sources.

EUPHA participates in the work package on evaluation. This work package is responsible for verifying if the project is implemented as planned and reaching its objectives. The evaluation is based on two processes: an internal evaluation and an external evaluation.  The internal evaluation is practical and consists of a periodic evaluation in collaboration with the WP leaders. It also includes WP peer-review of the deliverables. The external evaluation in which EUPHA takes part produces critical reviews of the outcomes, tracks the progress of the project and provides strategic recommendations for the project. It is organised by external stakeholders with expertise in EU-wide action in the domain of public health with focus on health information (health status and health systems) and research.  Read the InfAct External Evaluation Reports by clicking on the titles below:

Read more about InfAct here.


InfAct has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020) under grant agreement No. 801553.